#1 Andy McGrath - from April 2022

At the end of the day he’s running himself in to a bad situation far too often, I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposition have been instructed to let him run it out.


This x 100.

The problem with that is that in the majority of cases he’s not in the clear & under no pressure. Bouncing early slows him down & increases the pressure which often leads to poor disposal. He’d be better off using his pace to run through the traffic 1st then get to a position where he can bounce before balancing & disposing. His bouncing often looks like a panic action & I believe you see younger inexperienced players do it more than older cooler heads.

That’s why we need another rebounding defender.
They prefer him bringing it out to Rids or Redman. That was clear early in the year.
When Hind was there, less went through McGrath and he could pick his spots.
McGraths strengths are not running the ball out of the backline. It’s defensive running and pressure on his direct opponent and trying to win the contest when needed. Out in space isn’t his thing.


Diesel Williams was one of the slowest blokes to ever play AFL. His vision, kicking and handballing were sensational. Running the ball not really his thing as far as I can remember.

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Needs a absolute rocket before he ends up another retired essendon player with zero success. He should be embarrassed at some of his efforts this year for a vice captain. Not sure how you command respect but half arse contests at the same time.


Well yes, it’s situation dependent. Sometimes the pressure is immediate, sometimes it is where you are running to.

Better kicking efficiency than Bont

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He should take up basketball instead.

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He’ll get a job after footy in any pub or nightclub with those stats😄

only conor is allowed to do that.

On the my room telethon, McGrath said they still can’t explain the drop in form at the back of the year.

Surely they’d have an idea?

So the players still can’t work out if your midfield are downhill skiers you get smashed . If you don’t actually put pressure on teams you get smashed.
My god do we have a bunch of brain dead morons


I think it can be put down to McGrath not bouncing the ball often enough in the last qtr of the season.


Saw that lols

Hope Brad flogs them this pre season we must be the lowest footy iq team in the league


McGrath as a leader is as clueless as Heppell was


Merret the absolute right choice as captain closest to having Goddard like leadership

Reckon Hobbs next in line

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Dishonest pretty bloody obvious

They checked out, all became too hard for them and they start d booking end of year plans early some of them


Way to early to be calling Hobbs next captain.

I would think Ridley is ahead of him

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Riddles would do a good but i still prefer Hobbs.

To me Hobbs has that determined doggerd look that all the great captains have from what ive seen so far