#1 Andy McGrath - from April 2022

Another great game.
He is well and truly on track for an All Aus spot.
Never though he would be this good.

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He’s been good but just don’t think he’s at an AA level.

Jeez I reckon he is close atm, I struggle to think of a small defender who has been better.

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I think he’s definitely close too, but I think he needs some real scalps before it’s a lock for mine.

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AF,level, :thinking:

No love after yesterday’s efforts? I thought he was excellent.


Would be best small defender in afl?

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An actual back pocket who can defend is not sexy enough for the AA team (they’ll give it to guys like Luke Ryan who peddle 40 meaningless touches each game), but it is hard to think of a better small defender who can combine offensive/defensive efforts like McGrath can.


Yep he should be in it before Nic Martin

Rarely see him lose a contest or be embarrassed by another player, just wants the ball or his man with the ball more than most of the team. Shame he’s been treated so poorly by supporters and can think of another kid on the list that could come good in the same way (hopefully quicker)



Due to draft pick status, tend to be quite critical of McGrath, but this guy puts in 100% and has a huge heart.
Having a great season.

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I just looked for a reddit comment, McGrath is in career best form and they’re both rated almost exactly the same on wheelo ratings for 2024 (11.5 Clug v 11.31 Rath).

Last 5 games rating Clug 8.8 McGrath 10.32

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Had a very good year so far!

Has had a few down weeks in terms of disposals in a row now.

He did the same last year too. At the start of the season he seems to find a huge amount of football but it always reduces come mid season.
I wonder why that is?

Speculation - Gets sore, sides put more time into him.

In his role a lot can do with the opposition and also be reflective of where the whole midfield is. His “down” time coincides with the midfield being less dominating and him requiring to play a more shutdown role rather than attacking role. Just a guess though.

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I’d say it’s primarily this, too.

Missing his mate Redman. We didn’t get much run out of the back