#1 Andy McGrath - has till the end of 2020 to exceed Gary Ablett the very Junior


Ryder’s tap work did make our mids look substantially better.

Heppell hasn’t been the same since Paddy left and stopped putting them down his throat.


0/3. He played in 2011 against fark carlton too.


Have a good holiday Andy, come back on November 6th and start your new job in the midfield group.


I think this is what makes it difficult to assess the forward and defensive line.

I would say that our current bookends are pretty good. We have a forward line than has done well despite the lack of high quality supply, and when that supply is good i.e. Port and St Kilda games, we tend to whip the opposition. Similarly, our defense has let through a few goals, but when your opposition is getting good supply i.e. yesterday, no defense is going to beat that.


Absolutely torched Zerrett and Hepps for poise and class in a final in his first year. When does a new player ever upstage your two best players in his first final?

Sign him up for 10 yrs now.


Yeh nah


I wasn’t a fan, then became a fan, then he left, now I’m not a fan again!


Amongst our best on Saturday. You really could not asked more for a first year player.

Congrats on a fantastic first year young man!


Maybe 5 years that would not be unreasonable. However, as EFC plan to draft aggressively this year (whatever that means?) maybe we hold off on signing McGrath long term and see what happens with landing several big fish.


That would be really stupid. You don’t hold off on signing your out and out guns to land a big fish. You do that to the more fringe players.


You want to swap big fish?
What kind of fisherman are you??


“I see Essendon as my home for the rest of my career and I think we are building a really exciting list and hopefully we can go a long way in years to come.”


Where and when did he say this?


Full article in the Stringer thread


Andrew McGrath says he would love for Essendon to acquire Jake Stringer this trade period

JON RALPH, Herald Sun
43 minutes ago
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RISING Star winner Andrew McGrath says the footy world would fear Essendon’s attacking prowess if the Bombers could land Western Bulldog Jake Stringer.

Stringer has declared he will not return to the Dogs under any circumstances, with Essendon battling Geelong for his services.

The Bombers clearly have drilled into his chequered past and are prepared to take the risk with his behaviour, given his extraordinary upside.

Stringer met Geelong leaders Joel Selwood and Patrick Dangerfield on Thursday but Essendon would clearly pay him more for his services.

It is understood the Dogs will secure Fremantle half-forward Hayden Crozier in a trade as one of the replacements for matchwinner Stringer.

Essendon tyro McGrath told the Herald Sun from the Grand Final parade he would love to play in the same side as Stringer.

“It would be great, he is obviously a star talent and to add that into an already potent forward line, it would be very exciting for fans,” McGrath said.

“And I guess the AFL needs to watch out if we do get Jake. They are all so mobile down there, we have got a fleet of small guys who can run rings around anyone and then we have got Joe Daniher and if you add Jake Stringer to that mix it’s very dangerous.”

Cale Hooker missed this year’s elimination final but he will return to play alongside Daniher, Orazio Fantasia, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Josh Begley and James Stewart.

Stringer is still assessing both clubs after kicking 122 goals in the past three years, adamant he does not know why he is to be traded.

But with the Herald Sun detailing damaging allegations over Grand Finalweekend about his issues, it will not help his trade currency.

The Bombers seem likely to try to acquire him while still keeping their No.11 draft pick, as they also attempt to restock their midfield.

McGrath will be a part of that midfield next year, but says he will ease his way into the onball unit from the wing.

“Yeah, it will be the wing maybe starting off with and hopefully a few rotations inside would be nice.”

His management is currently working through an extension to his first contract to take it past its current 2018 expiry.

That will take place over the summer with his manager Robbie D’Orazio, of Connors Sports, confident a deal can take place.

“He has just won the Rising Star, was voted the best first-year player by his peers, he is a very special talent and an impressive young man and I am sure we will be able to sit down early in the new years to look to extend his contract.”

McGrath says can’t see himself leaving Essendon any time soon.

“I see Essendon as my home for the rest of my career and I think we are building a really exciting list and hopefully we can go a long way in years to come.”


I love him.


Me too, shattered he isn’t in the sprint tomorrow


Who is in it for us? Would love to see Irish.


Answer my own question for those interested
Essendon: Kyle Langford


I fkn love Andrew McGrath