#1 Andy McGrath - has till the end of 2020 to exceed Gary Ablett the very Junior


Good point HD. His ability to deliver “lace out” from centre bounce clearances is a question mark. He is fast off the mark, gets a yard of space , but at the same time its not easy to kick a low pass well running at full speed.

We will usually have players streaming past off the back of the square at centre bounces and if he gets the clearance the handball option might be the best, particularly if he is running off the back of contest.

He has unreal vision, fast decision making and extremely quick hands . In that respect he is outstanding . He should play to his strengths.


I don’t think I can love him anymore without getting arrested.


Delivered a few nice lace out in afl x after getting a contested ball and not handballing straight away. Im excited.


You are right he doesn’t seem to get much distance on his kicking at all and when he goes for extra the ball can tumble over. Might be better to stick to low flat passes under 35m like robery harvey use to do. Or… im more than happy for him to use his hands 80% of the time.


robery harvey was indeed a great of the game :wink:


Hi issue with his kicking is it has little penetration and can be a bit loopy out in front rather than a spearing pass to a target.

I’m sure he will work insanely hard to improve it.


Heppell was a loopy kick that lacked penetration, His kicking has improved a lot since his early days and still improving IMO. I’d expect similar with Andy.



This kid is just so damn good.

Reminds me of Wanganeen.



Was a gun when it counted.


Regularly gets better as the game goes on.
Like Zach, a combination of endurance, and the footy smarts to work out what’s happening and do something to change it.


Good pace and good finishing skills on several occasions. I hope his HB:K ratio evens out as he matures. Great start.
Interested to see if the Gleeson injury would effect where he plays R1?


I liked how the commentators were saying he hadn’t shown much in the midfield, and then on cue… He showed them plenty.

Hes a legit gun.


Straight into the middle next Friday thanks


Handball less, and realise that you are the guy that needs to accelerate thru traffic and kick the ball to leading forwards.

Coaches please tell him this.
Every time he runs positively direct to goals something happens.


Was actually on Bliclavs on the wing for much of the first half, and held him to stuff all.
(Bliclavs got 6 possessions, basically in the ruck)
So a largely defensive effort to start.
Moved into the middle increasingly as the game went on, both for stoppages and general play
But the commentators are “experts”, so what would I/ we know?


I reckon we saw pretty similar last year. His first instinct was always to handball, but as his confidence built during the year, he started kicking it more.

He’s still feeling his way around in the AFL midfield atm, but once he believes he belongs there… Look out.

He’s a quick learner, too. It’s not gonna take long.


Have was outstanding in the second half today in particular.


I think they’d bring Dea in for Gleeson if they want a straight swap. Baguley is another option


His second half today… oh boy wowee…

Will legit be considered one of the top mids in the comp by the end of the season. Speed, agility, good hands, good disposal and hard tackles… has got it all. Absolutely dominated the game for about 10 minutes towards the end… like Hird/Martin/Fyfe level domination.