#1 Andy McGrath - has till the end of 2020 to exceed Gary Ablett the very Junior


Nah he’s not 215cm like Cripps and the Bont so he won’t be very good, same for Merrett and Parish


I was thinking the same as the commentators. He hadn’t done much in the game then all of a sudden he just started getting the ball and being everywhere.


Just keep him in the middle.

It’s not normal to move like that.

We won’t always get games like today but in a couple of years it will be well worth it.


He just keeps at it!

It was the same all last year, he’d have a few dinky possessions, nothing fancy, he positions himself well and stays accountable to his opponent. He’d be having an unremarkable, but decent, game. But then there are those passages of play, the kind where the ball is in dispute, players get caught wrong footed predicting how the play is unfold, where he shines through his ability to stay in the contest; never going to ground, never giving in, never taking a break until the ball is out play.

He made our backline look a hell of a lot more solid last year, surprisingly so. I think he’s going to do the same for our midfield. He’ll look pretty blue collar at times, but then we’ll all take notice as he saves/sets up a goal because he kept his head when everyone else lost theirs.


in the last qtr in the back pocket he was so out of position, but kept at it and forced the ball up, brilliant.


Shame he can’t play midfield and back pocket at the same time.


my goodness

i’m only up to the 3 qtr and have him as one of our best already

how he makes extra space in little space while moving, assessing, then getting the handball off, wowee.


:slight_smile: He gets better.


The amount of times this poor ■■■■■■■ gets the ball routinely passed to him by his teammates and it lands anywhere between 1-2 metres short of where it should be and he has to bend down to get it and dish off a lightening quick handball for us to retain possession, is just unreal.

It’s just that we hardly notice it and/or we take it for granted that he will just cleanly get it back and fire it to a teammate.

He. Is. Just. So. Freaking. Good.


Him going onto the ball late in 3rd and winning those 2 clearances was Hird like. It changed the state of the game. Is a born leader, and will become very quickly I may add, a game changer.


Lets not get too carried away.

Hird was twice the player Andy is.

Literally. Like you could put one Andy on top of another and that still wouldn’t be as tall as Hirdy.


Just imagine an alternative universe where Jackets picks setterfield who by now would have done 3 hammies & had 2 knee reco’s if he was with us, and andy was running around for GWS!
Better still don’t.


Not saying he is as good as James Hird obviously, but his action in that game where Hird like.
LOL yes back to the good old days of having pick 1, and people worried about us drafting McGrath the midget.


As good as he is and should be, he needs to slow down when he gets the ball. Looks like he’s panicing, but he’s not panicing!


Andy is twice the player Hird was at same age and stage of career… time will tell where andy end up when he hangs up the boots.

I think he’ll be a star. In under 18s would blanket oppositions best small forward/attacking mid and go on line breaking runs that split open the opposition and set up match winning plays.

Is probably the prototypical midfielder of the future. WOW!




Hird played CHF in a premiership in his 20th game.

I don’t disagree with the McGrath hype, though. Could potentially end up the best player since Hird, imo.


Can’t remember who the player being compared was, but someone was called the new Wanganeen.
Problem was that if there were, they’d have had a Brownlow by then.
They did not.


That might have been me, on the topic of Jarrod Atkinson.


… so close.