#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


thats a super hero chin if ever i saw one.


Roger Ramjet?


Just don’t mention proton energy pills


He’s already in good form in the offseason too.


It was on target but just touched on the line. McGrath was very open though


I was watching the saints game last night where he got put back after Saad got injured. He’s very, very good as a small defender, just every single part of it. The idea of him, Francis, McKenna and Saad playing next to each other for 100+ games is very appealing to me.

I know that’s not the plan, and it’s very not a position of need for us, but it’d be one hell of a back line.


I know it’s not really a position of need for us, but what do we do if McKenna or Saad goes down? He’s very good insurance to have for that.


No arguments here. If I’m picking our best back line, McGrath’s in it. If I’m picking a best 22, McGrath probably isn’t in the back line just because we have so many defenders to choose from and he plays well elsewhere.


im still watching the same highlights package of shiel… you’re out here watching ■■■■ games…


They were playing all of our wins back to back on Fox Footy. It was quite enjoyable.


Really love this kid and hope he sees his future with us for a long time because he will get some big offers shortly. Suns will be throwing massive coin at him this time next year


I think* there was a chain of handballs on the defensive 50 where they were so quick by hand it was impossible to stop them getting out. At the time I thought McGrath was the most damaging from back there.

  • I may have all the details ■■■■ about


I think he can be a pretty good midfielder.

I also think he could be the best small defender in the game.


I’d hope Andy rotates through the backline and midfield during games.


I can see both sides of this argument for sure. I like to see him given more opportunities inside the centre square where I think he can be really damaging. I also like him being a defensively minded wing who is first back in defense to help when the ball hits the ground.

I think probably he’s a good player who can play just about anywhere and he’ll end playing wherever we need most.

That said, @paul_peos is right, he could be the best small defender in the game.

Ultimately his role may be dictated by the evolution of a few other players. Does Redman blossom into a classic marking end to end wingman or remain best suited to defence. Do parish and langford grow into fully fledged top line mids?

Wherever he ends up I hope it is in a role that is more than just mr fix it


I think he will end up a pure on baller. Has a nose for the contest and is very good in congestion




Has the skills, feel for the game, mental application and athleticism to be the next gazza jr.


Honest question, who is a better small defender?

Reckon he should have been AA in his first year but that cannot happen because of reasons, then this year when moved into defense was a star and did not get beaten.

There was no small defender in all AA team this year, Laird, Hurn and Whitfield are all hbf. Neville Jetta is very good, but I would not say he is better than McGrath.


The problem is, they’ll keep picking HBF’s like that in the AA team. McGrath will only average 20 possessions in defence and that won’t be enough…because the selectors won’t notice the fact that he completely stops all of his opponents.

Having said that, I reckon he could become a mid who averages 25 possessions a game whilst also stopping a very good opposition mid