#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


The arrogance and class of Mcgrath and Shiel will pull this under performing club off it’s ■■■■. Finally.

I’m looking forward to 2019.

These two will finally bring some support to Mr Football in the guts and as a result I hope he wins Charlie.




Whilst our midfield is a tad on the short side, I love how all of them have different styles and varying sets of weapons through which they inflict damage.

Andy may just have the best set hands in our mosquito fleet, he is also the best athlete among them and has the most natural allround defensive game I’ve seen in a young elite mid.

Parish has the best game in close and isn’t exactly a slow lumbering type through the middle, he knows exactly how and when to use what wheels he’s got.

Dev is the most dogged and hard working player we’ve had in a loooong time but he is also the most natural goal kicker.

Merrett: nuff said

Shiel is the dynamic clearance type we’ve been lacking for a more than a decade; with a powerful burst and a penetrating boot, he is a mini tank.

And then you have Zaharakis, Fantasia and Tippa rounding out the Mosquito Fleet with their own set of special skills


Just quietly, John Coleman kicked 100 in his first.


You forgot Hepp, Hepp channels one of the great traits of the mighty Jimmy Hird, the hard at itness to just impact contest after contest after contest. Hepp is everywhere for 4 qtrs like a good captain should be. With supporting players hitting their prime hopefully he can take it to a new level too


He tall


And what about THE.


Love that he’s thinking “Shiel isn’t taking my spot in that midfield!”… determined!


Arrogance? I see a lot of things in him but not that.




Not in terms of ability.

He is super humble.

In how he carries himself, same with Shiel. Like you know these boys are going to bring it.

How about “exudes confidence”?


Yeah i agree. He’s got a smirk on him that tells me he’s really confident at the moment. The dude looks like he’s piled on more than 5kgs in just over 2 months. He set himself a goal to bulk up and nailed it in a very short time. He’s looking a lot older than 20 now.

Love this guys attitude. He’s really driven.


I will be thrilled to bits when I hear someone who barracks for another team call Essendon arrogant, skilful, bastards. It will be music to my ears.


There’s a highlight from earlier in the year on that video. Good comparison to how he’s looking now. Big difference.


When opposition supporters hate our players for the way they play (i.e. because they are good) is when we have a team that’s really really good. Bring on those cries of exasperation as Francis, McGrath, Langford, Fantasia, etc etc frustrate the fark out of the opposition supporters.


i would argue people are already doing that. arguments about how many blockbuster games and thursdays/fridays we get, equalisation, the agrument about the best players in the comp going to the biggest clubs through trade and free agency. alot of it aimed at us. the clubs worked their @ss off to get to the position were in now. it goes back even to when we got the spoon and the #1 pick in the draft. plenty of supporters and gutter journalists squealing that we should be stripped of #1 pick. supporters and journalists were having a field day with the idea that we might not get Shiel.

Just wait till we start going deep into the finals…

edit: just remembered that there were also morons out there saying Fletcher should have games stripped off his record because of the SAGA


I want a team full of confidence and self belief, not arrogance. Arrogance is an undesirable trait


Some of my family are Hawthorn Members and they are NOT happy Jan. Feel like they have been hard done by. After all they are Hawthorn. I couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face.


Hawthorn have plenty of blockbusters.

In Tassie.


Yes they do. Ha, ha. And such huge crowds too.