#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


I actually think his defensive desparation and speed is very much required in midfield.

As well as being really good defensively, he’s maybe the best we have on reading when the turnover will happen, where it’ll happen and which way it’ll come out. That ability set up a lot of his rebound last year, he wasn’t just (and I love him for it) ■■■■-bolting Conor style


I agree with this. As good as he is in defence, I reckon in midfield he could become very valuable defensively and racking up the pill. I really expect him to start averaging 25+ next season while still being great defensively, either shutting down a good opposition player or just provide general pressure and defensive run


Thing is he can be so decisive around a contest, he can make a real impact with 4 or 5 takeaways from a messy crowd.
And he often really makes them count, takes the ground ball, quick hands for a 1-2 to throw the defensive team off balance, then follow up, receive and he’s away.


Francis intercept clunking till the early morning was already frustrating opposition supporters.


Given how he kept improving with each senior game he played, they are going to end up more than just frustrated.

It’ll be glorious.


Agree. Arrogance is when ambition exceeds ability.


So… perfect for blitz.


The thing about arrogance… nah, you farkers aren’t worth the time.


I’d say Toby Greene is one of the most arrogant players in the AFL and his ability is outstanding. To 2 things aren’t related.


What does it even mean? If it means he gets the ball, runs around a player, kicks one from 50 then has a little ruffle if his mans hair then fk everyone’s arrogant. Or does no one know what it means anymore, similar to the crucification of literally.

If there’s a true interpretation of the word it was dermies strutting wankfest and fkd if our players are being compared to that germ.


I reworded that one same olds.

Exudes confidence.

It still spawned a host of replies though. Ah blitz. Just run with it :joy:


James Hird, IIRC, described his version of arrogance in a positive way.

It was pretty much a state knowledge, that he was going to outplay everyone else on the field and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

When he felt that, I suppose it was something akin to being in “the zone” and knowing it.

I get the negative connotation of arrogance, of a lack of humility, but I can also understand the joy of knowing, in Hird’s case, that he could outplay bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled and fitter players, just because he could see the game better than just about anyone.


Absolutely agree. Hird, Carey, Brereton, they all played with arrogance. And they could all back it up. It’s only a worrisome wank when it’s just show.


Peak Hirdy you would watch him go to a contest and just know he would end up winning the football.

These guys are as rare as hens teeth. We don’t have one.


Sorry wasn’t aimed at you.

I associate it with fark Carlton. And it makes me sick a little bit in my pants


Very very high waisted pants?


Arrogance is what other people say will about us as we improve…it may not necessarily be what we think about ourselves.

What we feel, think and might say is…self assured, confident, motivated, hungry, quick as and sassy with the ball.


Oh my, what fun


Let me just add to that - football.


But leads to messy on de sac