#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Francis has that special feel about his game, you have heaps of confidence he will just get the ball when in his area.


Hope your right. Certainly reads the ball/play well, marks and kicks it cleanly.


I called my boss sassy without knowing what it meant.
I’m either fired or got a date.


How did he react?


Haven’t seen sassi on these boards for yonks. Had a tacker with another Blitzer/Grog Squadder quite a few years back. Kid’d be 9 or 10 now.


I found a footy card of Andy in a car park today, and have generally had the feeling he’s going to dominate games next year.


It’ll be worth 25k by the end of 2019.


is ANY footy card woth 25k? or even over $100?


Yes i have a heap worth that much. But i’ll sell them to you right now at a 3rd of the price. Special Blitz discount.


AWESOME! thanks for doing that man! Us Blitzers are always looking out for each other!


John platten. If mcgrath is to become a dominant mid platten is the kinda of player I think he could shoot for. Maybe Tony McGinnes.


Benny Cousins?


Clean version. He’s beefed up au naturale and won’t lose his speed or endurance. Has hustle and will soon have the bustle


Disagree - doubt it would even suit him.


Is that Gown


I like your train of thought


Pretty sure the junk in that trunk is just one of Devon’s thighs.


I do like this quote from the article. Here’s hoping he is excellent at it.

“This pre-season I’ve focused on taking the ball forward more and using my legs and agility to really break the lines and open up the defence.”


That’s so good to read. Another piece of our midfield puzzle about to find his place.

3rd year is when young players often really break out. And as he said, been a big learning curve.

Couldn’t fault his selection at pick1


Funny that he and Parish are now living together - those are the two who I think will really fire this year and be key players to us winning finals again.