#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


So what you’re saying is, we’re going to win the next 8 flags back to back?
I concur.


And also looks like he could be his son.


I found a pic of tommy b when I was cleaning out car yesterday.

I put it under the visor. With pics of the kids. And the dog. And a Pokémon card.

Fk I got in trouble


Perhaps next time ask before cleaning out Tommy’s car.


Slightly concerned he had pics of kids and dog.


The saga cost us a possible period of success with the team at the time on the rise. But because the fallout was so well managed by Dodoro and co. we now have a chance at new period of success.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Merrett never got the chance to be captain because McGrath leapfrogged him, assuming Heppell holds onto it for a number of years to come


I’d be surprised.


Me too.

Unless Maca becomes a naturalised Aussie Citizen for a start, … he’s no hope.
As if we’d have a Canadian as Captain, … :smirk:


I think you’re right.
Makes me wonder what other players have missed because of this?


Yeah the team was on the verge of something special and then the saga exploded.


I remember in one of Zach’s first pre season sessions, Jobe walked away and said to his old man, “I don’t know who the top 25 kids were from this draft but they must be superstars, cause this kid has it and is a genuine star already”

Zach had it from day one.


Just saw the practice match footage.

He’s the midfield jet we’ve been longing for.


Yep. Interesting to hear in Shiel’s interview he was the one player he picked out as being a star performer as well


A proper Intra club??


Looks like it, and foggy called it as such in the training thread.


Hmmm, … sounds like the BBBBQ should have been today then??

@Soulnet Is there another on the Thursday then?


Anyone who saw my posts in the 18s thread before we drafted him would know why I’m not suprised to see him smashing it in the middle, remember it like it was yesterday watching a Sandringham game next to Dodoro with McGrath getting a lazy 40 touches.


Yeah, but, mcCluggage kicks gooaaals


McGrath’s development has been fantastic. His physical size now is outstanding.

As for the captaincy, I’m sure the club can handle expectations and allow for each to get their chance.

How many players have we had, who are an obvious choice to be captain, not made captain?