#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


I remember being indirectly called an idiot because I wanted McGrath over Luggage Boy.


Can’t have been the first time on blitz


Wasn’t the last either




Why is our pick 1 a back flanker



It’s entirely possible that that was not the reason.


He played in a good team didn’t he? Did he show occasions of winning and changing a game single handily?
It’s the main thing I question about his game, he can certainly win it but how effective is his disposal? Disposal (predominantly by foot) doesn’t seem to slice through defensive structures.


Shut down Stephenson to win Sandringham the game against Eastern, if he didn’t do that Sandy don’t win the Grand Final and lose in the first final


Shutdown ainsworth in a champs game as well. And by shutdown I mean completely.


What about offensively?


Yeah he was calling them all ■■■■■ as well.


Played forward for Brighton a bit.

But from memory he dominated a bunch of games through the midfield Don would have a better memory on his TAC exploits.


Seems like a guy that would say sorry straight afterwards though.


I love it when an expert like The Don 1 is called out by a few - Don watches LOTS of under 18’s footy.


i watched this vid about 1000 times after we drafted him. and props for the cool background music.

Imagine if he is potentially the AFLs answer to Tom Brady. cool under pressure, does everything he can to win, pure clutch. you see quite a bit of it here.


This is how his training at the moment but less small handballs, just does it himself and clears congestion.


I see that your statement has quite a few supporters!

By the way… werent you coming down to training today? I looked for you.


No mate. Down for the bbq.
See you then.


Are you sure that was the reason? :wink:

Edit- boot beat me too it


Not happy with the GAJ comparison? We going for Tom Brady now?