#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Andrew Walker was way better in his first game and that was a proper game. He ended up playing 3-4 good years and that’s about it.

Having said that I think Walsh will be a very very good player.

But let’s not go full Donnington yet…


walsh is nowhere near as hot as guelfi.


well yeah, hes getting coached by this guy


That wasn’t walsh. It was Cunningham


Post reported.

Fking hell dude!


Walsh has all the tools and will be a very good player provided Carlton do not Fark Carlton his development.


They’d be holding next to no money at this point.


Josh Green pantsed Sam Mitchell…

I member


Love McGrath,kid will be a star but the one
time we had the number pick 1 there wasn’t a mid like Walsh avaible which kinda sucks.


Was thinking this myself, we got the number 1 pick in the only year i remember that the number 1 wasn’t a clear standout pre- draft.


We got a kid who won the farking rising star in his first year. none of the numerous #1 picks FCFC have had have won that award. why would you be thinking in hindsight about that? we got the best kid in the draft. thats as good as it gets


Paddy McCartin
Skip the expansion concession years
Jack Watts

Actually seems to be the case in about half the draft years that there’s no clear standout for no 1.
I’m convinced we actually got a gem who, barring injury, is just going to get better & better, rather than plateauing after 2 or 3 years



Well it’s true there wasn’t a clear standout pick 1 that year.


Maybe for you.


Wietering was a standout number 1 pick.

We took the best player from that draft and McGrath will prove that once again this year.

Walsh has got a long way to go.


I saw a new quality from McG on the weekend I hadn’t seen before

Although he was 50% skills wise

His terrier-ness was up about 400%

Desperation was well over Smith levels in some plays

Kid is a competitor.

So bullish.


Really? Gee just looked through the pick ones and every draft i remember the no.1 pick being pretty much known prior to draft day. Not saying the fact we got McGrath is a bad thing, but to say pick one wasn’t pretty much public knowledge prior to almost all the other drafts is a stretch.


Public knowledge is not the same thing as a stand out pick one.
If you’re going on the discussions in the months leading up to the draft then I stand by my examples of legitimate debate / uncertainty about pick 1.

As an example I’ll quote Cal from his last 2014 Phantom Draft
‘McCartin has probably deserved more discussion as a possible No.1 pick through the year, because he’s got some special traits.’

In other words it was unclear until the club leaked their preferred choice
You’ll find that was the case for Watts Boyd and others.


The Giants also would have taken Pidge at 1, not inconceivable brisbane would have as well.