#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate



People are actually concerned whether McGrath was the standout number 1 pick?

The guy who won the rising star in his first year, has leadership oozing from his pores, played 41 games in two seasons and looks set to become a dominant force in our midfield for years? But we ignore all of that and bemoan the fact that a couple of other kids may have also been good at the same time as him.

Again, WTF.


it’s Blitz




Post has significant merit.


They traded up to pick 2 to get him, thinking we were going for McCluggage. Apparently we were likely to pick Hugh until Andys interview where they realised how impressive he was as an individual.



Come on nino, that’s way too glass half empty. Looking for ifs and buts and maybes is not the way to do it. We got a great pick in McGrath. Enjoy having him and look to the future. Even if there was a standout who says they don’t do a knee or have chronic injuries or whatevers. What then?


Bring the standout number one pick in your draft year and being clearly better than the number one pick in any other given year are two very different things


He’s better than McCluggage so far and that’s who I wanted. Happy to be wrong.


Dudoro has missed BOTH Oliver and Walsh now. FFS.


teams having draft picks before us is no excuse anymore!


We’re tough markers here on blitz.


When Myers comes in to protect him, the kid will amass disposals and clearances. He, not Shiel might be the one to attract a tagger.

From the AFL Site:

Andrew McGrath

It’s been floated that the new 6-6-6 rules will benefit explosive midfielders who can get extra penetration and distance from their clearances. Should that be the case, McGrath is built in the perfect mould. Having drifted both across half-back and on a wing in his first two seasons, the former No.1 draft pick seems destined to become a full-time centre-square player in 2019. He played the entirety of Thursday night’s game out of the middle, where his breakaway speed was influential. He won 25 disposals and kicked two classy goals in the final quarter, while his ability to sidestep out of trouble and hurt opponents with his turn of speed was evident throughout. - Riley Beveridge


I hate Sam Walsh and you all should too, Scum!


There’s always a lot of fuss about #1 draft picks in the years that follow, if they deviate even slightly off being Rising Star, #1 in the comp indexed for age and position, etc etc it becomes a massive issue in the footy media…


yep - you can also have more than one standout player. You can have many elite players. You can also win with a champion team as well as a team of champions. There is more than one way to get to the ultimate prize.


And i have a bet with mymate that i made 2 weeks ago that mcgrath would poll top 100 in the brownlow this year. He didnt believe me stupud nuffy kangaroo supporter


Top 100? He’d probably only need 1 vote haha.


4 on average.


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