#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


That’s very good but a chart or graph would be nice (preferably one that is somehow relevant to footy).


Don’t mock my chart-making skills.


Haha, i know! I’d like to re-visit this conversation in 2 years time and compare him to all of the "big bodied mids’ that everybody is jizzing over.


I remember the endless circle jerk about hodge, Judd and ball. If memory serves Ball was even rated at 2 behind Judd for a while, he was a very distant third by the end, proving that early evaluations are meaningless.

I doubt any club were care if they got Hodge or Judd, you couldn’t ask for anymore from either.


I’d maybe ask Judd to stop being such a c*nt.


I’d maybe ask Hodge to lay off the sauce before getting behind a wheel.


And all 3 clubs train/teach their players differently so all 3 May not have come on as they have if they were at different clubs… you just never know.


Ball was limited by injuries over the journey. There’s not much recruiters can do about that.

Although not releasing him from the list to be recruited by the team that would go on to beat them in the next grand final, might have been the better move in the end


I dont agree. They should know.


Anyone worked out what Ball does yet?


nup - we’re all still trying to work out what @Jake_Brady_10 does.

maybe they do the same thing…


Have we ever seen them in the same room together?


It would explain why players are constantly going into his work


im pretty certain he looks at players with a latte and that is his job


Why do the players have lattes?


Because they’re at Jake Brady’s cafe. Keep up.


Its Jobes legacy to the club


That makes sense


:joy::joy: some of these suggestions are great