#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


who’s Shield?


sorry typo.





that stat is absolute bullshit, a long bomb does ■■■■ all if it comes back with interest.


Blitz would rather you didn’t touch the ball all game than fumble or slip repeatedly


He was one of many who butchered the ball and fumbled around for the majority of the day. BUT he was also one of the few who never gave up, kept trying to take the game on and fought it out ‘til the end.


He was clearly way off like all our players but himself and walla at least put in effort.



Was probably in our best but it looked like he was playing with a cake of soap… so fumbly


Looked clumsy and slow - would our fitness staff be dumb enough to go the heavy training phase right before round 1?


We have fitness staff?


He seems to be a slow starter as a mid, I swear he only had about 8 touches at HT but he ended up with 25.
He did the same in JLT


Yep. Couldn’t fault his workrate, tbh. Was terribly untidy with the ball but did get it.

One of the least of our concerns yesterday.


For me the most promising part of McGraths performance was that even though his disposal was a little loose to say the least, he never stopped kicking the ball.

Last year he would have looked to lay off by hand far more.

He’s tracking very well.


It sure looked like it.


As a supporter all I can ask is a player give 100% and he done that.


Kid looks like he’s hurting in the video.

I really feel we are going to stall his development by playing him as a full time mid. Hope I’m wrong.


I think that is his planned development though?


There hasn’t been a flanker or back pocket this club hasn’t planned to turn into a midfielder in the past 20 years.


He was drafted as a midfielder,
He played predominantly as a midfielder as a junior and averaged 32 disposals a game playing there.

He was always going to become a midfielder.