#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Hank Slattery says “Hi”


That’s always been a trend I’ve noticed with him, starts slow and comes home with a wet sail. Plays and same way he runs. It’s a good trait to have imo, plays his best when the game is up for grabs


I reckon we had Hank running through as a tagger once or twice.


I don’t recall Slattery ever “running” anywhere on a football field


Yeah he missed some targets but I’m more certain now that he’ll tear some games apart this season.


There was one point during the 3rd qtr he was streaming through the middle and proceeded to put the ball on tippa’s When he was against 2 players. Needs to be a hell of a lot smarter than that


He was better as a tagger than a backman IMO.


He needs to learn it like Ablett does when he is moving, holding it very deliberately and almost placing it on his boot


Its too late for him, you generally can’t fix kicking once they reach afl age.

That being said, we didn’t draft him for his kicking ability.


Like his mates he fumbled all day

The difference though is he always has a crack


Clug and Taranto dominated this week too while McGrath went full butter fingers


Is the aim of the number one pick to try and pick an elite player? Or a reliable player that is likely to get to 200 games without much fanfare?


When some of our contested mids actually win possession and feed it to him in space he will look a whole lot better.

I reckon he plays better in second half’s, becuase he realises he has to do it all by himself at that point.


Im not saying i would’ve drafted mcgrath, i was firmly Taranto > mcclug > setter > mcgrath


I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play so bad tbh

Though the entire team was mimicking each other’s fumbles so can’t put the whole blame on him


For all his faults during the game he did have a dip. Unlike most of the others.


His hands are so good in tight situations


Still needs to realise he’s faster than 80-90% of players. Pooped them a few times when he had opportunity to free himself.


Forget about the midfield. He is so much more valuable in the back line.


Idk, hard to kick the sealer from a BP