#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


This guy plays through all 4 qtrs


I would’ve liked to see him play tight on Brayshaw but Woosh gonna Woosh


I had to pause the replay with 5 minutes to go in the 4th to explain the story of Andy in this qtr.

Every time the demons go forward, he rebounds it from the back pocket or handballs to a player who does, on the fourth time he does this, he runs up the ground, gets the inside 50 on the half forward flank, then runs forward of the play to receive the handball in the forward pocket and kick the sealer


So next week is the big McGrath vs McCluggage showdown that will either have this place gloating over how smart Dodoro is, or demanding he be beaten about the head and neck with dead seagulls.

Place your bets, blitz.




Who do you think has been better so far and will be better in the future?

Lets throw tarranto into that mix too.


Geez that’s tough. In reality McCluggage has really only been very good this year while Pidge has been better in the same time period, more consistent.

Tarranto has been the best of the 3 so far imo.

They are all very good players and we will see their names a lot over the years.

BTW I wanted McAntler over McGrath. I am not unhappy with getting McGrath though.


Yeah definitely agree so far mcgrath has been a tad better.

I feel like if mcgrath can add a bit if grunt and toughness to his game he could be anything.
He only averages like 2 tackles a game at the moment which for me isnt enough especially for someone with his leg speed.

Who is mcantler? Haha


Antler luggage, so McCluggage.


I haven’t seen a huge amount of non-EFC games for a while, but I stand by my pre-draft ranking of McCluggage, Setterfield, McGrath, though I definitely under-rated Taranto at the time.


Not something I’m looking forward to.

We’ve got McGrath and he’s ■■■■■■ good. Irrelevant to compare him to mcclugagge.

It will happen though, last week I overheard a few Myers/Rioli remarks in the grandstand.

Edit: the only comparison of this type worth talking about is Olarenshaw/West. Some Dogs fans will try and tell you they won from the zoning and getting West, but at last count West has zero brownlows and zero premierships while Ricky has at least one of those things.


For people who say he can’t kick. How penetrating was that kick off half back to Zakka over the back?

Taranto is ahead at the moment but Taranto had physical attributes that enabled him to be better quicker.

McG is ahead of all others. Has a more rounded game, and henceforth I expect him to be the best of them all.

Is the full Stringer.


The kick i’m Thinking of to Zaka was from mcKenna


All three have been good. All three will be very very good players. All three bring different things to the party.


I wonder what made us pick andy over the others.

but yes I agree all three are good players.
I can see McGrath becoming a bit like lauchie neale once he finds his feet properly.
You don’t average 32 touches a game in the TAC if you cant find the ball at will.

Mcclugage or setterfield probably fit the bill of what we needed as a club a bit more but Im happy with Mcgrath


thats my #1 draft pick right there.


I wanted McClugagae or Taranto. But we went with McGrath so I’ll back him in all the way and try not to compare.

I reckon what swayed Dodoro was no playing things. Leader, school captain, no chance of going off the rails, total cleanskin. His player profile for best job of not playing footy was ‘CEO of BHP’

I get all of this… and we want to avoid totally loose ■■■■■■■… but I reckon our focus is too much. It was the number 1 pick that literally couldn’t go wrong. Not necessarily the one with the most upside.


We didn’t get it wrong.

McGrath is a champ and will only get better.


Dodoro is a bit risk averse. It might even be For example previous experience with an indigenous player who went off the rails might have led him to pass on Sydney Stack who dropped down into the rookie draft. Richmond have rolled the dice on him. On the other hand mcgrath is gilt edged.


He’s risk averse because he passed on Stack? Every club in the comp is risk averse then.
Richmond got him as a pre-season rookie didn’t they? Not the rookie draft