#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Stack has been selected to play in the AFL in round 3 right? Clearly there was upside. Yes. I get your point. It may come back to bite Richmond.


My guess at the time was that he was seen as more of a sure thing.

No matter how development when, I was (and remain) confident that AT THE VERY LEAST McGrath could easily play probably 200 games as one of the better lockdown small defenders in the comp. I saw him crush blokes like Stephenson and Ainsworth in that role at u18 level, even if he didn’t step up into the midfield role we wanted, he’d be SOMETHING.

McCluggage and Setterfield had imho higher ceilings but more risk. Clug was very skinny and his game style relied on hitting gaps that would be much smaller at AFL level. Whereas setterfield was coming off a series of injuries and had little exposed form, and it didn’t matter if we picked him cos GWS would have trumped us with their academy rights anyway.


Even though it is irrelevant, I couldn’t split Pidge or Taranto in that draft. I definitely wanted either of them ahead of Setterfield & the Clug. And on the evidence to date, we nailed it.

Pidge offers great versatility. I still believe that he is a better back pocket than a mid (at this stage) - very much in the Wanganeen mould. Destroyed Betts. Will develop into a wonderful midfielder (at AFL level) as well. Great leadership qualities. Stoked that he is a Bomber.


Pidge also possessed the athletic ability that we needed and the others didn’t really have. Defensive nous is another thing our midfield lacked.


Very different kinds of players. McGrath weaves through traffic and has burst speed that few others have. He also has extremely fast hands and footy brain. Who knows. He was an excellent choice, for mine.


it was mcgrath that did that huge penetrative kick off HB that resulted in a goal, very clever, very good kick


Super fast hands I agree. I’d say the best in the side by a mile. Super quick footy brain too, can’t wait to see him spend more time around the ball and break the lines


Gee based on last night he’s certainly not a mile ahead of Parish’s hands. Pretty close run i reckon


What impresses me the most is his heart. He may get beaten in a contest, or a quarter, but he’s just never out of the game. He seems to come home with a wet sail every week, which is huge for a 20yo, 3rd year kid.

Shades of a former #26 ?


Chris Heffernan?


Fair enough, maybe not a mile


McGrath plays his best when the games in the balance, His last quarters usually his best.



Yep, 4th quarter specialist was as a junior too

McGrath knows where he is gonna handpass before he gets it, Parish has more creative hands though imo.


Taranto and McCluggage are not captain material, yes, on track to be elite players, however, would a whole team follow them? Would they inspire? I doubt it.

On the other hand, McGrath is already showing all the traits you want from a proper leader. Big heart. Works hard, and won’t back down to no one.


we’ve drafted 1-2 captain candidates a year for 10 years.

who gives a ■■■■.


McGrath is becoming a very dangerous player this year. His breaking the lines in the middle and pushing forward to attack and back to cover is pretty impressive.

Not many clubs would have a player who can run with him, when he bursts he is gone.


We need to use him more.


His understanding of how the game is unfolding is second to none.

He just seems to put his stamp on the game just in the right moments.

He is incredibly underrated at the moment.

He still has lots of upside to come.


My supercoach team agrees


Not by @Deckham