#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Yep Decks loves him.

He’s a quality player.


I’d be tempted to have him play a lockdown role on Neale this week


Could be set for Charlie Cameron I’d think. Neale def needs attention, so important already for them


I’d send Saad to Cameron; we still need McGrath’s legs through the middle and Neale’s influence needs to curbed and Andy is the only I that can go with him imo.


i’d say he needs to impose himself more than be fed it.

has shown he can win the ball, but for the first half of games, seems unwilling to be first to the ball, then comes on strong.

I have no doubt he could be a very damaging 30+ possessions a game player if he went hard from the get go.


I’ve often wondered whether he paces himself during the first half and makes sure he still has petrol in the tank for the final quarter


Yep I wouldn’t mind that, Saad would def make Charlie accountable too going the other way. Curbing neales influence will go a long way to winning the game. Zorko for mine the other


I’m looking forward to Zorko vs Smith: Battle of the Munchkins.


I am.



Who? Don’t say Myers!



Before we hear all week about how we should’ve gone McCluggage just a little reminder how good this kid is and will be, debut year


Yep was correct led the team for r50’s and many times he was the handballer to the guy in space so you could say he was one of our most important players.

If you watch the game keep an eye out he’s usually the one who gets us out of trouble in the b50

Incredible football brain in him, just a natural winner. I agree that he could win games from a back pocket, but would be wasted there unless needed as playing him in the middle he’ll just roam everywhere and win games for you.


McGrath is such a smart player that we are literally a dozen games away from ending the debate about positions etc and basically just telling the kid to play football.

He footballs good. Let him play free.


And he’s a farking good 4th quarter player, he must be as fit as buggery


My sense is he goes missing a bit in the midfield if the heat is really on the ball. He just doesn’t have the size yet to make his presence felt. He keeps getting to the right spots though and slowly works into the game.

I think we could get a bit smarter about the how when and where of his role to maximise his contribution during games.

Maybe start him back to get some easy handball recieves and favorable one on ones and then push him more into the midfield. As the heat comes off the ball and the congestion falls away a bit adding in his energy could be a real weapon for us. Using him to chop out Shiel late in quarters could be just what we need to maintain our intensity.


I think its sheer will power.

The kid wants to influence the game as much as he can.


He seems to be a guy that thrives on the challenge. I’d keep doing what we are doing, I think you may have hit the nail on the head as to the why, he starts slowly. But I think he will be learning and acquiring a whole range of little tricks to compensate now. Then when he does have the body and core strength look out.


The way he’s changes direction and uses angles is absolute elite.