#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


I’d still like to see him trialed forward at some stage but I think he’d also make a good run-with player through the midfield at times too


The problem I have with McGrath, Smith and Merrett used up fwd is that they’re weak snaps. Seen enough recent snaps that haven’t made the distance.



The crowd noise when he kicked that goal, was insane. That was all the supporters letting loose after 2 dismal weeks of terrible football.


Merrett is not, there are some amazing highlights of him snapping from 40 on the boundary in his first year.


“You’re being obtuse!”


Except when he gets within range of goal: then he runs and kicks dead straight, it’s beautiful.


Respectfully looking more acute than obtuse. I suck at at maths tho. And English obviously…


I did say recent :wink:.
I think it’s an issue across the group not many get the right part of the footy when 25+ out and require a snap.
Langford and Walla are the standouts also top 5 at the club by foot.


I just re-watched the 2nd half.

You could not be more correct.

He won a heap of critical footy in tight in defence and fed others. He was outstanding.


An underrated trait in a player, Opens the entire ground up in 2 or 3 steps.


Thought he was better than Clug today


Clug had him early.
Very similar stats but Pidge kicked one when we needed it.


This bloke is a last quarter specialist, whenever we need him to kick a goal in the last he steps up.

He’s a rugged, desperate winner, i can see the u18s comparisons to Hodge in that regard.


I thought McGrath was excellent in clearing the stoppage areas and also his gut running is very evident watching at the ground.

If he was played on ball all game he would get 30 touches every week.


enough about the mcs, how was taranto?


Totally. Has been the final nail specialist 2 weeks running :slight_smile:


Agree. Loved seeing him take on the responsibility of nailing that last qtr goal and sealing the game

His work rate off the ball is unreal. You never see him just standing still, always on the move


He is a pretty amazing athlete, that combo of speed, power and endurance is rare and very difficult to stop.


That’s a couple of weeks now where he’s shown to be a good goal kick on an angle. Did it cleanly on the run against Melbourne and then that set shot against Brisbane. If he can nab 1 or 2 goals a game it’ll make a big difference.