#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Killing it.


That’s why he was the no.1 pick.



So underrated!

Absolute gun and still lots of improvement to come!


Rarely if ever beaten by his opponent. In his 40 odd games I would estimate beats his opponent 90-95% of the matches.

Can lock down his opponent whilst also choosing the right times to drive very hard offensively.

Really is the prototype of mid that runs both ways - something we’ve sorely lacked for many years.


5 games and 5 goals to go with it!

Yeah, he’s just a back pocket tagger.


Was that his 1st set shot? Or is my memory as farked as my knees?


This guy is absolute class around goals, does not miss.


What makes this bloke so valuable is his versatility. Can shut down a dangerous forward, can provide run out of defence, can play on a wing, in the guts and can now drift forward and kick goals. Pidge is a gun. A supreme athlete. And the scary thing is that he is only going to get better.


Still picked the right kid


Young players in particular struggle to adapt to different roles.

McGrath just has one of those football brains where he can just impact the game wherever he goes.

He may not become the best from his draft class but he is exactly the type of player that we have been crying out for for a very long time.

Has the capacity to be a top 20 player.


Juddy won a brownlow in his 3rd year.


McGrath will have a longer and more productive career. He will also win more premierships.


Agree. McGrath is exactly what we needed. Don’t give a ■■■■ who else was in his draft year (unless they want to come as a free agent).


And don’t forget that he’s possibly the smartest guy in the team.


Yep - along with Dev. & Zerrett.


Keeps building momentum as a mid and pushes forward for what’s becoming a goal a game.
He’s such a smart player and getting more penetration in his kicking.
1-2 more pre-seasons and Pidge will be a consistent A grade mid. If he can average 20-35 goals a year for us as well it will be a massive bonus.


Thought he was really good. I’m loving that he is adding goals to his game as well.

Having mids who can kick goals is absolute gold


Yep, he’s grown a mullet and wears a headband to attract votes. He knows how it works


Can play him anywhere (ok, maybe not in the ruck) and he finds a way to influence the game.

He’s a smaller Jimmy Hird in that regard.


Judd pre groins, was one of the best players I’ve ever seen. There’s no shame in not meeting his heights… yet…