#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


He is a long distance runner, it is why he runs out games very well. I expect his second half, like all games this year, will be a far better because his opponent will tire.


Needs a big final term


He had a poor game today.


needs to learn how to tackle properly and not just stick an arm out
did it at least twice that last qtr


Love him but really gets bullied off the ball sometimes


Ive been saying this for a few weeks,

I love andy but he is actually really soft


And a 400 metre state champion.


I think they are putting some time into him off the ball physically.


Hopefully he learns some lessons today.


400 metre hurdles isn’t long distance.


Poor today and couldn’t work his way into it. Needs to get harder.


I agree to a point, he struggles a lot stopping someone with ball in hand and a touch of momentum. I don’t want to single people out but McGrath and parish are sloppy tacklers. They’ve come into the game knowing tackling is vital and are very poor at it.


Was outclassed today - Struggled to have any impact on the contest.


Most athletes will tell you 400m whether hurdles or a normal run is the hardest distance as it is an all sprint. It’s why so many school comps don’t allow it as it’s not safe.


Seemed to have a bit of the Colyers today.


100%, very slightly built mind you but they’re 2 players I dont even bother calling ball when they look like making a tackle half the time.

Cant question there attack on the ball though, both hard at it from that regard especially McGrath.


For you maybe. Looks a long way from my couch


We gotta get that martial arts guy from
Richmond that improved their tackling immensely immediately. Look at at how their slight frame players hold a tackle and body an opposition.


Yep, if guys like Higgins, Castagna and Edwards can hold tackles, there is hope for any skinny ■■■■■■■ in our team.


The AFL would make our players register their hands as lethal weapons and then say they can’t bring them into the stadium.