#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Huge fan of the guy but his knack at the moment for hand-balling to a teammate about to get tackled is exemplary.


It was very noticeable yesterday that a lot of the tackles we laid, Pies players would still have 2 hands free to get a clear handball away. Get some NRL redneck down at the club and teach these boys how lay a fierce tackle


McGrath 6 tackles (equal 3rd for the game) 23 pressure acts (6th on ground)
Blitz “soft and can’t tackle”


EFC had 73 tackles.

Pies had 71.

73 is a lot.

The top tackling teams are around 67 a game.

Not exactly a shock that a few guys had some missed tackles. Nor cause for alarm.


Can’t work out why we would want more tackles. It was a contested game and that’s exactly how the pies wanted it.


What do you mean? The other team has the ball, you tackle them to create a turnover. Were they meant to let them go? Pressure has become our biggest strength.


Its not just the tackles,

Ive noticed if he is ever in a 1 on 1 sprint to the ball he rarely wins it cleanly for some reason, that may be his tendency to play body on body which is a much more defensive tactic though. Rather than backing himself to win the ball he tries for a stalemate.

Yesterday grundy out sprinted him to a loose ball get. Which was perplexing.


We were far to gunshy with taking the option through the middle of the ground and I think that was because we turned it I moved early.

The umpiring killed us yesterday no doubt but playing the game on their terms did as well.

The halfbacks did their job but as good as Hurley and Hooker were at defending they lacked their usual rebound and that was where we should have drove home the advantage.

Slow ball movement and poor execution cost us and that’s why it was such low scoring.

I would have preferred we played our natural game.


I agree with all of that but it doesn’t answer my question which was:

“The other team has the ball, you tackle them to create a turnover. Were they meant to let them go?”


McGrath definitely looked slow yesterday. There was one bit of play where ambled after a lose ball but was overtaken by Grundy.


Of course you tackle them and as pointed out we did.

It’s a non event.


I actually think he panics with the ball in the contest. He is not explosive like shiel, nor is he particularly a great decision maker. I would put him in the back pocket and leave him there. I don’t believe he is a natural mid, he is a stopper.


he is a ntural mid though, thats where he played his junior football and averaged 32 touches a game in TAC.

It just hasnt translated well yet to AFL but I do believe it will eventually


Being pretty harsh on McGrath based on yesterday’s game.

He does his best work when the game has pace in it and he can use his agility and speed to attack.

A few of our smaller bodies and just ok kicks got found out yesterday when the heat went on and Andy was one of them.

He is a fast learner though and he will take a lot from it.


I don’t feel like I’m being harsh, I know that he is young, but I just feel that some players have poise under pressure and others panic…he panics. He is not alone BTW.


Agree. He clearly was not physically right yesterday. Young kid, new role and short turnaround against quality opposition. Not a surprise that he struggled against bigger bodies and real heat.


He seems to be fumbling more than he did in his first few years, I remember him being really clean and assured by hand, not to mention extremely fast. I’d back him to get that part of his game sorted out. With his kicking, like some of his teammates he just needs to learn his limitations and make decisions accordingly.


He copped a big hit early in the 1st that made me think he had been targetted by the flogs specifically. Maybe got just a tad Gun shy as a young’n after that

Something he’ll no doubt have to get used to and overcome.


I know what you are trying to say. Maybe panic isn’t the right word.

Some players when they get the ball just seem to effortlessly side step or turn into free space. McGrath on the other hand seems to be a bustling type mover.


In his last year at school Andy ran 10.95 seconds in the 100 m run. He would be quicker now if he is on the weights and working on strength and agility.