#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Still waiting for him to deliver on the preseason hype, I have faith that he will explode at some point this season.


Concerned that he may just be not quite big enough


If James Hird debuted this season you blokes would have him shipped off to Bendigo reserves.

Runs out a game better than anyone on our list and hits the scoreboard from the midfield, while also being able to play a defensive role.


Might be the fact he is in the midfield now and is therefore a lot more exhausted when picking up the ball.

I can’t remember much about his game yesterday (the anger has clouded my brain a bit). But generally he is:

a super clean player.
explosive from a contest
A very good tackler

I think he’s improved a heap this year. Not pre-season hype good but there’s definitely enough there showing that he’ll be a very very good midfielder for us who can do it all. Has an extremely well rounded game now which reminds me of Coniglio who was a lesser light a few years ago when focused on different defensive roles.


One thing that stood out yesterday that I’m not used to seeing was Andy missing a couple of targets by hand.

I honestly think the occasion got the best of him.

He will bounce back against Geelong.


■■■■ me dead, one ■■■■■■■ bad game from a kid and everyone is a ■■■■■■■ judge on his whole life.


Yeah, leave Deckham’s boy alone you bastards!


Saad should be our tackling coach.


He is a 177cm 20 year old. Of course he isn’t big enough…yet.

But in a year or 2 watch out.

Seriously some supporters are jumping at shadows with this bloke.

If he doesn’t become as good as Merrett I’d be surprised.


Thats a massive call. Zach was averaging 29 disposals at the same stage of his career. I’m certainly not writing him off or anything but I don’t think he has the same xfactor that Zach has.


Yes it’s a big call. Merret averaged high in a unique year where everyone was gone.

McGrath needs to push Merret, Hepp and Shiel out to get in. I think he will sit comfortable along side them.

He isn’t slow like people make out, he is fast. He has elite hands (had a bad game yep that happens), he is a good decision maker, he is a full 360 degree player and he changes the direction and flow of the play.

He is a ripper.


Yes great potential and love his style and attitude
But needs to get bigger to be elite


Parked his car over the lines. Delist!


He’s just as heavy as Merrett while being a bit shorter. Doesn’t need to be bigger really, but maybe stronger, and he is probably nearly there too, mongrel aggression might be what he could struggle with.


Most of Pidge’s weight is in his chin though


May have been true last year, but he’s added half an Axe handle across the shoulders over this pre season.

I think they just pip the chin for the win now. :smirk:


Andy is more of an outside player and his physical attributes compliment that.

Zerrett on the other hand is just a freak in how he has adapted to the contested part of our game so fast.


There’s a boat limit of mullet there too… about 2 kilo


look to me a player who was playing sore, possibly ribs/hip.


the only players who should attend centre sqaure bounces are zerett, shiel, parish, heppell, mcgrath and stringer. the wing is a wasteland.

he was very poor, i would send him to whitfield next time we play gws to see what real work rate looks like.