#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Would make sense. Took a massive hit very early.


Just curious… how does McC compare in those ratings?


Tim Taranto looks like the one who got away
Still love Mcgrath though… hope he can bring Taranto to essendon in a couple of years


Taranto will be fantastic, but he benefits from being in that GWS midfield.


I’d take mclugage over taranto. Still think he’ll be the best of that crop. Can’t complain with McGrath though



Thanks but where’s the fancy-schmancy graphics???


Massive fan of this bloke but he had the fumbles last week and we really need him to stand up today. Big opportunity to fire against the in-form team in the comp.

Show us what ya got, Andy.


Show us ya ■■■■, Andy!


Fair to say I desperately missed his usual last quarter goals last week.


Had another really poor game today


Hes a worry


I love andy
I honestly do, i think hes a ripping kid And a good player.

But i honestly cant help but think we took the wrong player number 1, when you look at what mcclugage and Taranto are doing.
I really wanted us to take mcclugage and he has looked great this year.


Hope we didn’t botch pick 1


Draft a mid, play him there from day 1.

Not hide on the bank flank.

Sam Walsh, straight in mid. McGrath 2 years on back flank and now doesn’t look anything like a mid.


Why do we draft a half back flanker/mid and then play him on the wing that the ball rarely goes over to?


Not looking great by pick 1 standards


yeah, except he played as a back pocket in juniors.


I definitely wouldn’t be giving up on him making it as a mid.
Yes, we could throw him back into defence and he’ll probably be a very good defender for 10 years. I think that’s worst case scenario for where his career goes. Is that really a failure of pick 1?

But i’d Be persisting with him in midfield. He’s working hard. Good to see 8 tackles today. He’s been needing to tackle more, hopefully that’s the start of that.
If he keeps working hard things will turn and his confidence will improve. Just like the team


He was hardly WOG.

Was involved a lot and had a pretty physical game. Just didn’t get much space or time today.

He will dare I say it, learn from it.