#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate



What’s to say taranto and mccluggage would be playing any better had we drafted them? Or that McGrath wouldn’t look 10x better if Brisbane or GWS picked him up?

Our player development doesn’t exactly have a terrific history.


he was a midfielder in the TAC and averaged 32 touches a game lol


I have massive worries that this is his peak. That we’ve drafted a bloke who dominated as a HBF in the under 18’s and can’t transition into the midfield full time, so now we have another HBF whilst our midfield is bare.

He can’t kick it 50m which really hurts his effectiveness with the ball. I like him but I’m very, very worried at his lack of development from year 1 to now.


What does his average possessions have to do with his position? Rory Laird averaged 32 touches a game last year out of the back line.


But he did average 32 disposals playing in the midfield for Sandy in his draft year.

He only played defence in the champs and in his junior year or when sandy needed a small forward shut out of the game.


You obviously didn’t watch him as junior. The bloke is an out and out mid.
Get the tapes out before you pass judgment.
Kid is and will be a star


Gavin Wanganeen won a Charlie as a back pocket. No reason why Pidge can’t do the same. He is an excellent defender & can provide another attacking option outta defence when Saad & Irish are checked. I’d move him to a back pocket, but give him an occasional run on the ball, perhaps late in games.


Wrong hahaha,


Lose to one of the premierships favourites and all of a sudden Andy is no good,
We farkt up the draft,
Player x is better blah blah,
Nuffie central this place at times


Scott Wynd also won a brownlow in the 90s, No way a non-midfielder ever wins a brownlow ever again.

Our backline is already choccas, we need him through the midfield, and ideally in the form he was showing in the preseason.


He is struggling at the moment. I agree that we need midfield support & I’d like to see him spend some time on the ball, however, for now I’d like to see him playing down back/part of a mid rotation (not floating about on a wing).


I need to watch a game? You’re the one calling him a star as is!


Ohh wow,
You are special


I hear ya, I’d like to see him play a defensive game whilst in the middle. Give him the challenge to shut down the oppositions prime movers. He could have had a run-with role on Kelly today for example.


Duncan was the one. Got off the leash & streamed forward countless times. No pressure applied on him, so he kicked three goals & had around double figures in terms of score involvements. Guthrie & Kelly hurt us as well. Yes, Pidge would have been better deployed to play a defensive mid role today, rather than float around on the outside. Up to the coaches to utilise players better.


So are you blaming the coaches for today?


Solely? No. But they played their part.


I’m saying that a player of Andy’s talent could have been utilised better today.