#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Of course, not. But, this is the Pidge thread. And shout again & you will be ignored.


fair enough


He’s ball handling and disposal has been below average for most of the season - It’s a worry !


I reckon he can seriously play, but i do not see a midfielder at all. Leave him back


Or chuck him forward.


My preference as well, although today he could have been used as a deep small forward in the Raz role, or even as a tagger, when their mids were getting too loose. Squandered on a wing.


He was phenomenal in his first season. Looked like a little general in defence.


As I said, you’re the one saying he’s a star. He may very well become one but he’s clearly not a star right now.
He hasn’t improved from his first year; in fact he’s potentially regressed.

I really like him but there are concerns at the moment.


Not that good. Sort of player you would be happy with at pick 20.


He’ll be a gun mid for us, he’s learning at the moment. He burns up the track against his teammates and has forced himself into a spot in the middle. He and Parish just need time in the guts. Parish goes straight through the middle at speed with hands for a clearance and Andy runs a circle around the back or hits a sidestep to exit the contest. Shiel just finds a gap and bursts through.


He is still only 20 and has played 48 games and is only in his 3rd season. He is doing fine as a young developing player in a side that isn’t filled with superstars or playing with good consistency.


Goddard helped him down there.


Mark “MegaFlog” Stevens saying that Andy might miss against Sydney with a knee issue?


Name a first pick that was justified. It is pretty rare for the first pick to end up as the best player in his class, so that debate is a waste of time - you never know what you are really going to get out of the draft.

Besides, he’s still in his 2nd year as a mid. He can play back or forward (better than Parish!) and it’s just matter of when, not if, he becomes an A-Grade mid.


Andy will be a fine player, the issue is that Clug was a clear standout in regards to football ability in TAC but for some reason we didn’t consider that enough to take him.
What’s done is done but it’s not looking like a great call atm.


He was absolutely brilliant in 2017, he was really good in 2018.

Honestly, I’m willing to give a 20 year old a few quiet games without stressing too much, given what he has shown across the last two seasons. He is developing absolutely fine.


I’m wrapped with Andy but I still think the best call would have been to trade with GWS our 1st for their 3rd and another first rounder. All of the top 3 are great and we would have had another opportunity at a good pick.

But alas we didn’t go that way so it’s all my support for who we did pick.


Has looked well off the pace the last 2 games. Gets caught with the ball. Looks nervy/panicky. Missed tackles. Kicks are hurried. I understand he’ll take time to progress but seeing the Brissy, GWS players creates some doubt on his selection in the draft. Here’s hoping Andy can turn it around sooner than later.


we also cant compare their statistics, Mcgrath is playing alot less time midfield than the other two boys.


He has got more time than he thinks given his pace off 1-2 steps so just needs to realise this