#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Agree with that.

I find him quite consistent. Does he have more levels to build to? I certainly hope so.

I haven’t seen what I was hoping to see this year though.


So we can add Andy to the list of Essendon players currently carrying a ‘niggle’?


After getting into a couple of good games with Run and carry the last two weeks teams have really put and effort into stopping him. I fear we are now going into the ‘he needs to work through the opposition pressure’ phase of his development.

We also need to block for his run more.


Turns out he played half of the game with a niggle. Went for scans and is all good to play in Sydney. Was just sore from an awkward fall.

I think it’s fair to say he looked a little off his usual standard.


where did you see/hear this?


It was on the footy feed nonsense video that the AFL website uploads every afternoon. They door-stopped him outside the hospital.

edit* here it is:


Most pundits had Pidge ahead of McClug (I wanted the him), it wasn’t the wrong call and so hasn’t proven to be a wrong call. Clug hasn’t been that great until this year. Pidge is going through a transition from his starting position in his first year to a midfield role, that takes some time. It is understandable he might not be at his best but in the long term it will make him a much more rounded player who is able to do a few different roles when required.

Sheeds was very big on that sort of thing too.


People forget Pidge is still only 20. He’s still young enough to be in the age bracket to win a rising star award. Imagine him in the midfield in another few seasons!


Look at Jack Billings this year. Some guys take longer to come on and there can be a range of reasons why that is.


McClugge is 3 months older than Pidge . Taranto is more then 4.

We should only draft guys born in the first qtr of the year. Terrible work from the recruiters.


Taranto 8 months older, McCluggage 10!

We basically get an extra season out of Pidge.


haha…you might want to check those maths


Lol, my bad. Been a long day.


Our midfield is bare?


For an Elite poster, that’s not a very elite comment.

He played 100% back pocket year 1.
Played 60/40 def/mid.
And now 6 games in has played majority outside mid. What kind of development are you expecting here?
And peaked at age 20? Cmon mate this is highly unlikely. Let’s not cause panic just yet!


I think he’ll be fine, but it’s hard to watch Taranto tearing it up this year and not be a touch jealous!


Pidge is an out and out gun. I’m super happy that we drafted him.

The point is that he is such a versatile player that he shouldn’t be left on a wing when he isn’t impacting a game. Bring him into the game somehow. Woosha could have moved him into a deep forward pocket position yesterday (in the Raz role), which would have eased pressure on Walla and allowed that extra pace to test the Cats. Alternatively, he could have been switched into a tagging role on one of the Cats mids who were consistently pressing forward and causing havoc. Or even given a role on Gary Ablett, who at almost 35, made us look silly with all the space he had to move in yesterday.

This is the beauty of Pidge - his versatility. Why not utilise that?


Fair point…but maybe they’re taking a short term hit in terms of his value to the team, for the longer term benefit of him becoming a real gun mid. Personally I’m happy for him to play the whole season as a mid. We know he can do those other roles. Use it in finals if need be, but for now, let him get as many learnings as possible in midfield.


Some people should have their right to express an opinion in public permanently revoked and limited to vague mumblings in an otherwise silent basement.


About the mid thing (and I was discussing this with Peos offline yesterday - for copyright purposes - ha), but I don’t believe he is suited as an outside mid. He is a contest player - thrives on it. So, again, he needs to be more at the coalface, not squandered on the outside.