#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Sat wut now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fair enough. Personally, I’d be happy if they sit Merrett more on the outside so he can utilise his kicking skills.


Equally though, one of his strengths has been to create play off the backline driving the ball forward, using pace and movement to beat the opponent. That is an outside mid trait so why not try him there as well?

As you say he is versatile, to be be good at that sort of versatility you need to learn to play those roles. That appears to be what the coaches are trying.


Does his best work in traffic. Held down the best small forwards in the comp. Spoils, tackles, wins his own ball and has lightning reflexes and decision making in traffic. He is a super smart player. I prefer him playing in any position that is providing him with a constant and direct contest. Free roaming on the outside is better suited to players with elite and penetrating kicking skills.

p.s. Condolences for the other day, IT. Lost my Dad in Feb this year, so solidarity at this time.


Thanks JR


Billings is still ■■■■. Got any other examples?


Once they’re picked it doesn’t really matter if they went 1st or 55th the number doesn’t really mean much other than in the world of BigFooty ■■■■■■■ contests.




The sort of fp we need atm


Too small for a modern midfielder


An absolutely pointless excersise


We have somehow managed to break another young kid.


I’d be expecting Improvement. McCluggage and Taranto are now ahead of him due to some significant gains, McCluggage is the competitions best winger statistically!
If you’d said that would happen this year back at the end of 2017 you’d be very disappointed.

I like the guy, but the last few weeks, and last year to an extent, have raised eyebrows


He is being wasted on the wing, he never played the role at junior level and by all accounts was training at stoppages in the pre-season so why didn’t he spend any time at centre bounces? Either use him in the guts or just play him on the flanks, he was elite at that role in the 18s why go away from that?


I agree, but I can see why they are doing it.

He will be around for another 10-12 years, he clearly has some football smarts and appears to be someone eager to learn. Why not take advantage of that and try round him as a footballer during his initial seasons?

At absolute worst, we know he can play a defensive post (and play it extremely well), so there is nothing to lose (in the long term) by doing this.


He’s done fine.

He’s only been playing midfield for a dozen or so matches.

We know he is a gun half back, he just needs to learn the midfield craft at AFL level.

I’m happy we are giving him midfield time as I reckon that Sydney missed their chance with Mills and Heeney who spent far too long in the backline and forward line respectively and now they are struggling to become midfielders


Shock horror: other top 3 picks are actually good at football. Shut the ■■■■■■■ place down.

Seriously, this is a heap of fuss about nothing. He has had two poor games, after being really good for a few weeks. He is 20 years old and it happens.


Wing is alright but we don’t really play to that playstle, we like to use the corridor and do it as fast as possible.

I can see why he doesn’t get permanent time in the middle because we have a strong on ball group but its the same with Parish.
I wish we would stop putting Stringer, tippa and Fanta in there and just throw in Andy and Darce more.


Didn’t we get Stringer on the hope he’d become a midfield rotation?


Yes, he is to play mainly as a forward but with burst through the middle