#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Spot on here :clap:


he’s not a mile better than dylan shiel by any means mate.

the literal only knock on shiel this season has been his kicking, and going by the numbers olivers kicking is a bit worse.

I agree he is a better player but its not by a wide margin.
Shiel has been fantastic so far for us.


Oliver is also a total knobb


I dislike those inside 50 kicking effectiveness stats. For an inside player whose primary mode of operation from stoppages is to extract a contested ball and drive it inside 50- you are never going to have a high efficiency. Hence why good players like Sloane and Oliver top that list.


If you could marry it to a stat that highlighted whether that inside 50 kick did eventuate in a goal then it would provide more clarity on the effectiveness of the player. If they are driving it forward and it is turning into a goal because the forwards are able to make it work then they have done their job.


Inside 50s that result in a Mark inside F50 would be a better stat.

In fact, kicks resulting in a mark would be a better stat for measuring kicking efficiency.


Or maybe the entry was a handy one and the forwards stuffed it up. Many possible reasons for any entry not being counted as effective.


Maybe the best indicator is what you can see with your ■■■■■■■ eyes.


Maybe. Then again, I’d guess there’s not a lot of people watching nine games a round to judge every player in the league on a per kick basis.


In retrospect, what a draft. McGrath, Taranto and McCluggage are all brilliant players.


Especially if you spend all day kicking it backwards and sideways to guys on their own.


He may or may not make it as a mid - but what I don’t get is why so many are horrified by the possibility that we drafted an AA level HBFer with our #1 pick?

Modern football isn’t all about clearances; pressure and intercept marking, leading to scores from turnovers, have been hallmarks of the top teams in recent years. Andy is brilliantly suited to modern footy.


Those stats don’t indicate how smart the forwards are. It’s hard to hit someone on a lead if they are standing there at the top of the goal square asking for it long and high.


As science has shown this is not an objective indicator.
For example, the studies of eyewitness descriptions of crime suspects;
He was tall / short/ medium height
He was blonde/ dark haired/ bald
He had close set eyes / a manic stare / wearing sunglasses in jeans/ black trousers/ tracksuit pants and a red / white/ paisley jacket. Etc. Etc.

Given many Blitzers regard our current form as a ‘crime against football ‘, it’s no surprise that people can’t agree on what they’ve actually seen.


Different thing.
One is a static observation and recognition, the other a fluid and dynamic assessment of overall performance and influence.


■■■■ me, could you imagine the arguments in here is everybody just trusted their own eyes and perception of players performances?


50 games this week. got there quick.


Still only 20!


My wife and I went to a Cats game many years ago. As we were walking out we discussed how GAJ had a fairly quiet game.

We got home and checked the stats and he’d had 38 touches. WTF were we watching I said to my wife.


The penetration is the main thing for me. Because he can only kick 45m, if he can’t run when he gets the ball then has to go short or handball which is far less damaging.