#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


Honestly, I don’t think being able to kick 50 metres is that big of a deal. It’s being able to nail your passes 30 metres and below that are far more important.

Zerrett’s best kicks have been 20-30m diagonal kicks that pick out a teammate. The best mids never mess those kicks up. We have players that do it far more regularly than I’d like.


Because we have been crying out for a jet midfielder since forever - and were even promised one as the highest priority after the 2001 GF loss.

When at last we had the #1 pick, after years of picking HBFers and trying to turn them into midfielders, its not only ironic but disappointing to use that #1 pick to turn a midfielder into a HBFer.


getting more confident in traffic as time goes by. quick thinker by nature, execution is getting quicker by the game. love him


he gives 100% like guelfi, aerially is good despite height, got a good defensive spoil in.
And you feel relaxed comfortable when he has the ball in hand that he won’t waste it. Just a smart player.
Would like to see him get more of the pill though.


Great footy brain

Gives you 110% for 4 qtrs

Playing a ripper season clearing it from hb


Outside of Merrett and Hepp probably the best first 50 games at our club.

Gets marked pretty harshly at times but is a young star and has a lot more development to come.

In ten years time the top 3 from that draft will all be considered champs for their respective clubs.


To be fair, no one outside our club knows Saad is the best small defender in the game. He’s just that guy who goes for a run occasionally.

Defence is boooooooooring.