#1 Andy McGrath loves finals football

Honestly, I don’t think being able to kick 50 metres is that big of a deal. It’s being able to nail your passes 30 metres and below that are far more important.

Zerrett’s best kicks have been 20-30m diagonal kicks that pick out a teammate. The best mids never mess those kicks up. We have players that do it far more regularly than I’d like.

Because we have been crying out for a jet midfielder since forever - and were even promised one as the highest priority after the 2001 GF loss.

When at last we had the #1 pick, after years of picking HBFers and trying to turn them into midfielders, its not only ironic but disappointing to use that #1 pick to turn a midfielder into a HBFer.


getting more confident in traffic as time goes by. quick thinker by nature, execution is getting quicker by the game. love him

he gives 100% like guelfi, aerially is good despite height, got a good defensive spoil in.
And you feel relaxed comfortable when he has the ball in hand that he won’t waste it. Just a smart player.
Would like to see him get more of the pill though.


Great footy brain

Gives you 110% for 4 qtrs

Playing a ripper season clearing it from hb

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Outside of Merrett and Hepp probably the best first 50 games at our club.

Gets marked pretty harshly at times but is a young star and has a lot more development to come.

In ten years time the top 3 from that draft will all be considered champs for their respective clubs.


To be fair, no one outside our club knows Saad is the best small defender in the game. He’s just that guy who goes for a run occasionally.

Defence is boooooooooring.


Wasn’t as clean as he usually is but for a game where he made a few mistakes he still managed to contribute in other areas.

A few of his more experienced teammates could learn a few things from him.

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Combined really well with Parish a few times in the first half. Still looks like he’s running in gumboots by the last quarter most weeks - Definitely building endurance as a mid.

Continues to be a forth quarter specialist.

I actually thought he was cleaner than he has been in most games this season, despite the rain.

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I don’t think his defensive traits when he was in back line have translated to midfield. He’s not alone though they all seem too fatigued to lay a tackle or apply pressure.

Needs to impact games a bit more. Seems a smart footballer. I’d like him to get to more dangerous spots. He gets a lot of footy defensive side of a pack.

He has a decent leap and I feel like hes a type who can work into the forward line gaps more to create options and goals.


WIth Shiel gone down, this is his moment to impact the game in the middle.

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If our shithouse coaching panel were to have the stones to play a midfield this week comprising rotations of all of Parish, D.Clarke, McGrath, Merrett, Langford (changing at HFF), Begley, Mynott I just might muster up the enthusiasm to go and take a look.

As it is, we just know it’ll be built around Myers… zzzzz…

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FWIW - two observations from the coaches votes this week…

  • No Essendon player in the best five players on the ground on Saturday (either coach)
  • Taranto and McCluggage sitting in the top 20 players after ten games.

WTF has that got to do with this thread?

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Just that it appears McGrath’s contemporaries have shot past him and are becoming elite AFL players.

Personally, I think we should play him in defence, as someone mentioned, he’s got all the tools to be one of the best small defenders in the game and be more valuable to us there but we persist with him in the midfield.


Let’s just appreciate him for what and who he is, instead of constantly comparing him with his draft list.

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Yep. I could see the relevance.

You know where you are, … right? :smirk:

Edit; Now I think about it, these sort of comparisons are literally everywhere, not just here. It’s one of the most common things done when talking Footy.

I think you may be being just a bit too sensitive on this one Decks.

Although the jury’s still out on these blokes for a few years yet, … I found it interesting info.

he has been playing more defence in recent weeks.

I do agree though it does hurt to see the other two becoming borderline elite players allready.

I genuinely believe we have a development issue at our club

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