#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


I can’t believe we underperformed in three quarters, and still got over the line.


This thread is ridiculous, Canadians don’t play AFL.


They’re all aboot hockey, eh.




Hockey and Hurling…that’s it!


and Lacrosse, its their National Sport.




Get to the lid off thread


I did exactly same, but I was getting a massage at the Golden Lucky Cherry Lotus on Nepean hwy.


Ice Hockey?

Puck in Hell.


How can you finish that dream sequence without Dell sanding up out of his chair yelling “JIIIIIZZZZ!”


Only when it freezes over.


Was quiet again today.

Not sure how but we need to find a way to get the ball in Andy’s hands more as he can actually make things happen when he gets it.

He’s not going to learn anything playing down back so just put him in ball already.

The season is getting to critical stage anyway.


Yep have to move him back to the midfield now.
Bring in mcNeice and Redman to replace McGrath and Bags



If they continue to give him jobs in the backline I think that is incredibly short sighted.

He has class and we need him making the play not doing jobs.


Yep. Plus if they want to give him a job, put him on one of the oppositions best midfielders. I’m confident he’ll run both ways


First time Ive seen him struggle physically in any game…right from U18’s. Needs to sleep for next 3 days


so how was that battle with stephenson that didn’t happen?


Needs to run with isacc Smith in 2 weeks time to see what real work rate is. He at least has a future but his work rate was horrible today. Not going to learn much from our mids unfortunately


Stick him in the centre.

Start with Belly, McGrath, Parish and Merrett. The young boys can look at each other in the eye and realise this is it. Let them work it out.