#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


i think the clubs paying a disservice to hunter though, hes a very good player.


i think he’s far more impressive out of the backline, but that might be because the ball is spending most of it’s time down there, it’s actually hard to tell when centre clearances go 16 - 4 :confused:


I’m feeling similar.

I think it’s already a small midfield that features Zerrett, Parish, Smith, Zaharakis…and then people want McGrath in there…and Tippa/Fantasia rotating through.

McGrath is the only of these guys that can go back…to a place on the ground where we are potentially looking for a Baguley-replacement and question marks remain over McNiece.

Plus it is clear that McGrath is a very short kick…Right now, I can see that working as he hits up a short target in the wide ‘mid-arc’ of the field, starting a rebound…whereas I find it frustrating that he has to mark it within 40m of goal to be any chance of making the distance.


Yeah, to be a great midfield you need good penetration with your kicking. He will be an ok midfielder, but his kicking will hold him back. I really like midfielders running with the ball 10m and then kicking goals from outside 50m, or hitting up targets deep inside 50.
I just think people underrate having a great back pocket. Someone who consistently beats the best small forwards in the contest and then hurts them offensively would have to be the equivalent of a midfielder consistently racking up 30 touches.


See, that’s the thing. If McGrath doesn’t ever quite make the grade as a genuine mid, it’s hardly the end of the world.

He won’t be ‘just’ a back pocket, he’ll be a multiple AA winner, and the premier small defender of the competition.

He’s a friggin gun defender already.

I have no issue with him being trialled as a midfielder, heavens knows we need one. But I do wish we were good enough to not have to do that.


Blitz has reached new levels of stupid.


You know our gameplan sucks when it forces McGrath into errors.


You swinging at me there Decks?


Disagree. He went back purely because Conor got suspended. It was out of necessity rather than punishing him for getting beaten.

As others have mentioned he will slot straight back into the wing/midfield this weekend.


Not at all.


Had 10 touches in Q1 last game and then was told to follow the game plan.


Is symptomatic of our team and development coaching at the moment.

Pidge can play, no doubt about it.


No doubt on his midfield ability and final slot in the side from me.

I think the issue is him, like most of our mids, they are second possession players out of a stoppage. It’s why we are ok on the return out of the backline and working our way through a zone from defensive half. But why we get smashed in moving the ball out of a heavy congestion or stoppage area. Throw a five year younger Watson in and we would be smashing side. Somebody that can dish out and give them a chance. At the moment they ar having to collapse down in the stoppage to help win it and we simply can get it out.

It’s also why I think Myers playing well is so important and frustrating and why Clarke has to be brought in ASAP. We need players who are going to give them time and space to excel.

I think a belly should be tapping long outside the congestion at the centre bounces too. Most of our mids are quick Zaka, Merrett, Smith, McGrath and lesser Parish (he is smarter around the contest which makes up for it). Give them the half a step and clean possession they need and side won’t be able to stop them.


Can’t believe some of the stuff I have been reading over the last few weeks.


Get him penos


he’s the sort of guy you throw back when it’s under fire and into the midfield when it needs a lift, but when both are useless makes it hard


Injured calf?


He is wanganeen like


His 1st quarter on Smith was freakish, although Smith came back well in the 2nd half. Hope the injury rumours are false.


I really don’t see it!