#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


My ears were burning


Will we see him again this year?


Doubt it, impossible to get into this powerhouse team. McKernan will be trialled in every position before being “managed”.


Yeah. It’s only a slight calf strain so he should be back in 8-10 weeks.


Just trauma’d him too.

Andy has lost me many BLITZCOINS…

Most inconsiderate.


boo whoo


That’s weird. If I had to point to what is currently our greatest weakness, it’s transition out of the backline.


See you in Round 21 Andrew


We only had him for such a small moment in time.
He will be missed by all.


Your right probably too much credit, that, whilst a better part of our game sucks now too.




Good to see pigeon back this week.

6 clearances is very promising.


quietly great game from MCG


Loved his second half, great pressure and disposal in the contests.


Like that he had far more kicks than handballs


That goal was all class


Happy Birthday Pigeon.
Hope you have a cracking game.


The more I see this kid play, the more I am convinced that his best position is as a back pocket (ala Wanganeen).
His ability to quickly harass opponents and his quick hands are ideal for a role deep in defence and for giving off to Saad/McKenna runners.

He just hasn’t the size, nor the damaging penetrative kicking skills of very good mid-fielders.


Disagree, his ability to change direction at pace are what will make him an elite midfielder. Had a very good contested possession rate as a junior in the midfield as well.

Everyone is so quick to make judgements, he just needs time.


With Archie on this one.

McGraths change of direction is exactly what you need to be a gun mid along with his great hands and decision making.

He will make it, it’s just a matter of when.