#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


What % of time would he be playing mid?


He has got a good case of the second year blues. Just needs time to figure out how to impact in the midfield more. Shown some good signs at times.


i think its moreso adjusting to a new role than second year blues, its just so happened that his role has been changed in his second year. Doesnt seem down on confidence or workrate, just learning a new role.


Yeah this ‘second year blues’ comment is wrong IMO. That comes from having very high expectations on the kid after he did almost everything he could have done in his first AFL season - full season, rising star award, etc.

He’s got a second year frame with a second year engine and I think he’s shown some promising signs this year. We’ve definitely seen a more attacking side of him this year. Last year he predominantly beat his man and then handballed with a few flashes of brilliance here and there. He’s definitely improved on that I’m a new role.


A lot of our young talented guys seem to of had second year blues over the years, so doesn;t really suprise me. I even remember monfries was going to be the next big thing after year 1.


I reckon this was his best game in a year that he’s paddled a bit. Encouraging. Nice work around stoppages today.


Ran all day, involved in plenty of linkage plays and gave good drive thru the middle especially in the third when others tired. Stepped up to next level today.


Stood up big time in the second half.


was one of the BOG in the 2nd half. splendid in close and didn’t stop running and creating too.
hard to believe how mature he is


Most well rounded and dimensional effort for the year, played with more killer instinct than I’ve ever seen. Enjoyed his goal, which came at a crucial stage. Many modern players botch that up by looking for the offload. Ran hard all game, the midfield looks good looking ahead with him easing into it.


Liked how he looked up and took a bounce out of a few contests today. He’s a breathtaking player to watch when his confidence is up.


Second half very good.


Still blazes around the corner a bit but that will come when he gets a bit more awareness.
He finds space and time so easy that I don’t think he is aware of how much room he has


So many times in congestion he too a side step which changed the whole way the team attacked the field and created space for other players


I thought he was very impressive today. Backed himself and took the game on. Ran hard. He’ll finish the year with some excellent form, and a lot of confidence to play on the ball. And we have managed to cover for him down back.


Completely agree. It’s his penetrating disposal that sets him apart. He’ll be starting in the centre square, opening bounce before long.


His best midfield game. 2nd half was top notch





Look at his work inside.


Back to his best now. His ability to get the ball in tight and break from the congestion is first class. Set us on our way repeatedly today with his dash and creativity