#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


Picks the line very quickly out of congestion, and runs out into space, it’s a rare quality.


Stood up on Canada day


Had a great game on Sunday. Love the way he weaved through traffic.


Very unlucky not to get in the coaches’ votes. Was immense, especially towards the end of the game.


How he develops his kicking will determine whether he becomes a very good player or a star.


Not sure.

He is as good a kick as Chris Judd was.


Agree. But he’s a very, very driven individual. I’m pretty sure he will sharpen up the kicking.


He hasn’t got any real depth and I’m not sure how much he can improve that. He is a pretty neat kick but he doesn’t back himself to take an attacking option so it’s hard to assess. It’s certainly no weapon.


You don’t think Merrett is a great kick?


No I think Merrett is an excellent kick, I just forgot he played for us for a sec.


fair enough then :slight_smile:


Not that I’ve gone back over it but I think on weekend when McGrath had a kick when under pressure /needed to hit target he did

He can’t kick very far but was drilling his passes IIRC


His disposal is very clean and accurate by hand and foot


Still sprays too many


He’s less ‘heart in the mouth’ than Heppell and Hurley at the moment.


Agree most of our experienced senior players make me nervous these days. Add goddard and sometimes even hooker to that list.


the players taking the kicks don’t make me nervous… the kicks they try to take are what make me nervous…


Lolz I get nervous when they don’t try and take those kicks.


I get mad when they don’t. there’s no pleasing me.


I get mad regardless of what happens.