#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


It bounced through though didn’t it?


Who cares if he can kick 45 or 50 metres. As long as he can hit targets (which it seems like he can).


Yeah, you’re right it bounced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OkccOSqcEM


I don’t really care about his kicking length.

How often does Zerrett kick it over 50m? He’s by no means a Zerrett, but I think he’ll be a good solid kick and he’ll most likely improve over the next few years.


This kid learns fast!

Really starting to take the game on.


how goods this kid been the last 2 weeks?


Yeah I agree, I’ve been critical of him in the past for his first instinct to be defensive. But the last two weeks he’s really taken the game on, Which I really like. He’s one positive to take out of the game.


Thought McGrath was excellent today, used the footy well and didn’t panic.


Fantastic game. Still handpass first is his default option, but he’s learning to trust his kick more. Lovely goal in the last as well, good instinct around goal. We don’t see it enough because he is more a back/mid than a mid/fwd…


I got no issue with him being handpass happy to be honest, because his handpasses so often result in getting the ball out of a hotly contested area to a man in more space. If you just kick it from those situations you will be as effective as David Myers is.


Great today. Kicking it more now


Needs to spend the summer locked in the weights room, pushed of the ball to easy. Yes, I also do agree with all the positives mentioned above.


if you’re not working out, you’re eating.
if you’re not eating, you’re sleeping.
if you’re not sleeping its probably because you’re wondering why you got locked in a weights room.


Great to see him using that pace more often. Thought he worked his guts out today.


Someone should just handcuff him to Devon over the preseason


5 bounces on the weekend only second to Saad.

Enjoying the way that he is taking off as soon as he gets the ball now and thinking his way through situations.

Needs to show a little more composure with his hands but is tracking very well for a second year player.


Most likely player on our list to win a Brownlow. If his chains result in more goals and his disposal tightens up he could be our best player by the end of next year.


His kicking will be fine, the bones are already there, once he becomes properly comfortable at the level he’ll learn to slow and steady a bit before he kicks and tidy up most of those stray ones.


Stats! 76% disposal efficiency, yet kicks seems to miss their intended target on a few occasions. Getting more depth on his kicking will help elevate his game. The next gen are tracking nicely though.


This kids a gun