#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


Sweet second half. Sidestepping through heavy traffic.


I was a little disappointed with his first half. Second half he was one of our best. Shows how good he is and that he has a really good head on his shoulders to be able to turn it around against good opposition


Was a bit next level this game I reckon. It was a bit in bits and pieces but I can see once the whole thing falls into place that this boy has elite level awareness.
Knows what to do and when to do it.


Stood up in the second half big time.


Covered the most distance out of every player tonight with 15.8km, Brown next best with 15.2km. Apparently was the most covered by a non Heppell Essendon player this year


Ran 15.8km tonight. Most on the ground, and played a fair bit down back. Building nicely


McCluggage who?

Dodoro got it right with this kid. He is going to be something very, very special. That kick, under pressure, into the corridor that set up chain leading to the Stringer goal was just brilliance.


He was so good tonight. Just broke the lines and never ever ever panics


So good to just sit back, relax and know that this kid has it all. The best thing about him as has often been pointed out- he has built his defensive game first- and to a fault, this probably literally effects his attacking game.

Is going to shred teams as a linking, ball carrying mid for the next decade.


Got a mild corrective paddlin’ at half time and amended his ways.


Yep, just goes to show how good a little constructive paddlin’ can be


Was great seeing him best Florent in that one on one in the last

Both going to be super players


Starting to come into his own


we finally got to see the first of many McG to Zerrett left foot rocket goals tonight

some of his dashes out of the hb, decision making and kicks were bellisimo

quietly building just doing his job


15.8kms on the GPS tonight… for a 2nd year player!


In a few games this year and early last night he’s hesitant to take the game on. Confidence will grow, he is such a good player when he takes the game on.
On another note I thought he could have chased harder but when I saw +15km on the GPS tracker it’s justified, he gave his all.


Yep, we haven’t seen anywhere near the best of this kid yet.

Is the type who will carry this side to wins off the back of his own efforts. A lot like Heppell. Just a matter of time.


Love the way he moves in traffic, if the rule changes have the desired affect we will be seeing a lot more of it next year.


Will be our best midfielder before the end of 2020


Liked what I saw of his game but still needs a fair bit of work on his kicking. Have all the confidence that he will fix that and that would thrust him into the elite status