#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


He has so much class but his role is terrible. He just runs up and down a wing. Unless you’re brad hill or Isaac smith that role is probably as hard as it gets in terms of knowing how to impact the game. I’d rather he play off the back flank or in the guts. Needs to play inside mid imo in order to improve his tackling and contested game. Nothing to lose now, chuck him in the middle for the last 3 games. His development has been horribly handled, much like a lot of our young players


Huge season coming up next year shake off any second year blues, he’ll put on a couple kilos aswell.

Beast of a player will come into his own when he breaks 50 games


Hell be fine. Does need to clean up his kicking though.


A few being a bit harsh on Andy.

He has added a few extra strings to his bow this year even if hasn’t had as much impact as he did last year.

This year was always about finding that confidence to make plays and have more attacking impetus and over the past 6 weeks he has been doing that.

This kid will be turning over every stone in the preseason to elevate his game and I have no doubt he will do it.


Today in so many ways says McG is a game winner from the back pocket.

We got obliterated for lack of an intelligent pacy small rebounding running defender, someone who will cut off balls and chase down men in the backline.

McG should’ve gone back in the 2nd qtr, and I think we should play him downback as a replacement for Dea again if he ever misses, because we are lacking a mid sized classy player back there who can actually defend. Guelfi was this guy but the lack of him and Dea really cost us. Also add Gleeson to that list.


He had the odd match up against Gunston on a wing and other times I.smith. it was a real plan by Clarkson to play through his wing to make him defend and chase. When he set up play for us we looked better for it.
His game has come along way and he is beginning to also rest forward at times today and actually started forward last week against swans before the Dea injury.


That crumbing goal in the last quarter was fantastic, don’t see many of our players kicking those types of goals. With the season done I wouldn’t mind ya trying something different with him and playing him forward.


apart from Tippa, Raz and Smith…


A lot of them kick snap goals or running goals receiving from teammates not exactly crumbs off the pack


Reckon he’s played as a defensive midfielder for the last two weeks and has struggled at times - It’s all part of his development.


Not a fan of his kicking.


Has had an up and down season


Yeah I was actually thinking this a while back, I want him in a more attacking/free role than the back line allows but not sure we need to throw him straight into the midfield. Think his balance of attack and defence could really be damaging up forward (and maybe even allow Raz more midfield time).


He’ll be fine he’s just putting too much pressure on himself and has been poorly coached.

Needed to be told to take more risks and stop handballing every time last year so that will delay his kicking ability.


No, you’re the one taking pot shots to try and make yourself feel better. You’re just doing it to players and coaches, who can’t answer back.


Good post.

He has been shown up a couple of times throughout the year, getting drawn off his wing or sucked into the contest and not impacting it.
Will learn a bit from it.


I was a bit surprised at the pies game, he and Zach were standing beside each other at the interchange bench, ( my seat is a few rows back from the interchange area) Andy is bigger across the chest / shoulders and looked a little taller. If he continuies to develop similar to Zerritt we will have another very clasy player to enjoy watching.


It took you a full night to come up with that…FMD.


He’s a farking kid! He’s still in his infancy as an AFL player. He’s going to have his ups and downs. But overall he’s doing very farking well.


My first four drafts involved a bunch of nasty words.
So yes, that’s what I’m going with.