#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


For the rest of the year I’d trial him in the fwd pocket and constantly start one of Fantasia, Walla and McGrath in every centre bounce. Awesome crumber, can put pressure on, reads it wells, can position himself and does look like he could kick a few goals. We have a surplus of defenders and Walla, Fantasia and himself are dangerous around a stoppage when it’s not so congested.


That was some game from the kid. Will be a superstar very soon.


Wonder what @Rom made of his game.

That good enough for you, champ?


Very nice.
Andy you’re a Star.


Has elite vision. Quick hands in traffic are sublime. Kicks are awesome but does spray a few too… one area he can work on I think.

Has navigated the tricky ‘second year blues’ and I reckon he will explode next year. Like AA mid type explode.


Got BOG from commentary team


I could only listen to it on the radio but I’m glad he played well.


Andy was great. changed his game after Saad want down knowing his defence and run out of defence was paramount.
He’s one of our most important players come Fri night.


That is arguably his best game. He was awesome.


Love him, first of many games where he racks up over 30 im sure :wink:


he made plenty of mistakes tonight. turned it over quite a bit with quick handballs. to his credit, he worked his way back into the game and started attacking more.


Was really good, showed a bit of aggression at the man at times which was great to see


I saw it differently. yes would agree he made some mistakes… but those quick handballs are exactly what we need to keep the ball moving. They aren’t all going to work out but that doesn’t make them mistakes in my eyes. I want him to keep that daring style going… as his team mates learn his process then we should see more and more result in break away plays.

He did have two howler kicks that weren’t great but overall his intent and running power was excellent and really showed through in the last quarter when he was still going strong.

Has got the skills to play full time midfield but I think he could play a hybrid half back, wing type role really well too.


McGrath, Zerrett and Parish’s hands are all lightning in close. Going to be a huge feature of our midfield for another decade.


that was one of his best games.
Went back and helped out a lot, also helped out using his run with the ball forward to break game open.


Breaks the lines and cuts through zones with his enterprising style.

Fantastic game after a few quiet ones.


Just warming up, Can’t wait to see him in 24 months.


Played well

Put him in the midfield next week for the experience.


Not sure but I think he has a 23 possession 2nd half. I seem to think he was on 10 at HF?


Yep - had 15 in the 3rd quarter alone.