#10 Aaron Francis - back at training


I’m really confused about how serious some of the posts in this thread are. The overrating of this guy’s worth is laughable


Some would find your lack of patience laughable too.


I’m not saying we don’t keep him (I’d actually much prefer we do keep him than trade him) and I’m not saying he wont turn into a good player (although I’ll be concerned if he doesn’t start to show something pretty soon). I just think people talking about 2 first rounders is a joke. Yet Schache, a higher pick from the same draft, who has shown more, people think we can get with a second round pick.

I’ve got to stop reading these trade threads… :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone believes that he’s worth 2 first round picks.

But 2 later first round picks is what we need to receive to make the trade worthwhile. Considering we used pick 6 on him.

There is just no need to trade him as he’s contracted.

So it’s about weighing up.

  1. give him time to develop
  2. trade him out for a late first round pick and concede that we f*cked up on pick 6 (yet he might still end up being a gun, and we’re left with serious egg on our face if he eventually comes good.
  3. only trade him for the equivalent of what we drafted him with, so we’re back at step 1 and wasted 2 years of resources and development.


I’d be seriously annoyed if we let him go for a late second rounder. yes he has shown nothing at AFL level yet… but he is a serious talent and still probably 4 years from hitting his prime.

I think he is worth an early first or two mid 2nds at least… preferably we just keep him.

Trade talk: October 13 essendonfc.com.au 13 October 2017 4:00 PM

Representatives from the South Australian clubs spoke to Trade Radio about the prosepct on luring Aaron Francis home.

Adelaide List Manager Justin Reid on Bomber Aaron Francis:
“He’s a contracted player at Essendon.

“I’ve heard the noise but I haven’t spoken to Aaron myself.

“I’ve spoken to Adrian Dodoro at the Essendon Football Club and my understanding is he is a required player.

“I think he is only two years into the system, he’s a pick six and he’s still developing within their program.

“We certainly tracked him for two or three years leading into his draft year, so we know a lot about Aaron.

“He went at pick six and I think in that year we got Wayne Milera at about pick 11.

“We certainly know a lot about him as an individual and his football.

“Obviously a lot of that information we’ve got on file and he’s a lovely kid so we’ll see where things play out."

Port Adelaide General Manager of Football Chris Davies on Bomber Aaron Francis:
"Players who are talented and South Australian and want to come home, you’re interested in.

"But I think it’s reasonable to suggest right now, with Aaron having a couple of years left on his contract at Essendon, that will be a really tough one to get done.

“And Essendon have obviously got some other priorities at this point, and that’s more than fair.”

Essendon General Manager of Football Rob Kerr on Aaron Francis earlier this week:
“He is interested in a move back home but he’s obviously contracted and we still rate him highly as a footballer and value him as a person.

“We have some understanding and sympathy for his personal circumstances and why he might want to move home but it would have to be a deal that was satisfactory for that to occur.

“If that doesn’t happen, we’re more than happy to keep working with him and help him develop into the footballer that we believe he can be.”


between the lines, neither the Crows or Port are particularly interested.


Staying & pushing on/through …


Not necessarily, I would say the same if I was a recruiter no matter how bad I wanted him. Wont be surprised if late in the piece they start making a few offers. What it does say is that they are unlikely to offer overs for him.


If he commits and has an injury free pre-season for a change, he will play regular senior footy by mid way through next year, and by the year after in our top 6-10 players. Is that over-rating him enough for ya? Skys the limit with him, only injury and attitude can get in his way.


Leave him to develop at EFC and then entice him home out of contract. And if he doesn’t develop then nothing to lose


I’m not sure which way to go.

But if he doesn’t develope in the next two years he’ll be worth nothing. Right now he’s worth something and the club might feel it’s worth cutting their losses.


Hopefully it’s the boot up the freckle he needs and he buckles down.

Some people keep carrying on as if it’s a situation like Ablett or Saad with him absolutely needing to go home, but the people in the know say that’s very much not the case.


They may well do. But I reckon they will be “Just offer Essendon pick X and see what they say” type offers.

Will need to be a good pick for us to accept it.


Need to find a ranga chick for this bloke who is also a fitness model.


Word is that the club asked him if he would be interested in going home if power or crows came after him and offered EFC a good trade. He said he would and the club said that they would trade only if the price was right.
This was only suggested in case we needed extra currency to get some deals done, but thanks to the giants it may not be necessary.
He doesn’t really want to go and we don’t really want him to either. He will break out next year after a solid pre season and dominate our backline for the next 10 years.


Keep him.


Get Tommy Bell to take him down Goldfingers on Lonsdale St.

I’m sure he will find some great matches there by my recollection.


Pretty sure you have it the wrong way around.