#10 Aaron Francis - back at training


I’m not concerned about his fitness level, I’m more concerned about his constant soft tissue injuries.

Hopefully he doesn’t have similar issues to Laverde and Pears.


Laverde broke his ankle, and prior to that an AC joint (shoulder). Neither are soft tissue injuries, just bad luck.


ok then, I’m concerned about bad luck with injuries.


Even Pears was the same for his first 3-4 injury ruined years. Broken arm or wrist? And a pancreas or whatever internal organ it was. That’s just ■■■■ luck.


He has got ‘loose’ ankles and has a habit of rolling them which isn’t ideal and he has been working on strengthening this. His soft tissue injuries are very much related to his all round fitness and muscle fatigue, this should improve as his aerobic capacity improves.


I’d think as time went on and Hurley got older, he’d move more KP and FRANGA would take over the ‘intercepting til the early morn’ WITH fetus


Why?? What have you heard?






Million Air Charters


Absolutely agree. Jobe went off and did boxing to transform himself. Having a fresh voice to help you train may be what he needs. A+ for initiative. I flip flop on how to judge these kids with a world of opportunity at their feet and how they seize their opportunity. Reality is that we all have our own personality and take on life - he is still a kid living in the crazy world of AFL. Some manage it better than others. And some take a while to get it sorted out… if at all. Best of luck to him.


Needs to play close to 20 games. Pull his finger out and he should play round 1.


Nope. Relton Roberts


First day of pre-season for first-fourth year players next week. I’m really interested to see what shape he turns up in.


I hope he has been training hard and comes back as a Red Beast. Strong, fit and RED.



How lid-off would this place go if he does.

The bandwagon would fill so fast it’d be like Scotty beamed us all onto it at once.


I have a feeling he’s going to emerge next year. He has far to much talent not too.

I think the club was just sending him a message.


Agree, Franga is the designated Hurls replacement. However, where do we play him in the meantime?


I think ours return Monday 13th November but could be wrong


With better hands than Hurls. Could be dominant if he can get a decent level of fitness.