#10 Aaron Francis - back at training


It’s that photo of him getting Hooker off balance from last years pre-season that always fills me with hope.


Well, it was good to hear X yesterday say if Essendon couldn’t get a decent deal for Francis during the trade period he was more than happy to stay at the club and work his way into the seniors which says he is committed to making something of his career. Of course, history is littered with many players serving long apprenticeships in the VFL before becoming AFL stars.


I think off balance is being kind :grinning:

He monstered him.



That was exactly what his manager said when Francis requested the trade. It was a bunch of muppets that ignored the ‘happy to stay if a trade can’t be done’, and decided that we needed to get rid of him asap for a third round pick. Usually followed up with “or we’ll get nothing”.

In this draft, a third round pick IS nothing.


Training reports can’t come quick enough. With the lack of a first round pick to get excited about, blitz is getting extra crazy.


Will finish top 10 in our best and fairest next year. He is coming.




That’s ■■■■■■ optimistic. I’ll be happy (and surprised) if he plays 10 games


That’s a massive call.

You need to play pretty much every game or miss one or two max to finish top 10.


It’s ok. No one will remember I said it after we win the premiership


I will…but the difference with me is that I hope you’re right.


Players on this site tend to get rated higher the longer they go without playing a game. Francis will be a superstar on here by the time the new season rolls around, Hep’s season has progressively gotten better the further in the rear-view mirror it has become.



Cue: Jackie enters stage right with a tablet, texting furiously. Closely followed by Tiffany filing her nails, which are painted black and red.


Umm, no, not really.


VFL or?


It’s a huge call for a bloke with fitness/confidence issues who can’t break into the senior side. Hope your right though, it’ll mean he’s gone full beast mode. But yeah it’s a pretty optimistic post


Bully gone BulliSSSh!!!


The way some posts sound you would think the bloke had spent 10 years clogging up the list. FFS the kid is about to hit his third preseason… for a big bloke that is nothing. Most key position/bigger blokes take at least 4-5 seasons to get their conditioning right.

I would have loved him to come in day 1 and dominate but that hasn’t happened. Still reckon the upside is huge and we need to chill out and relax. We were told/he knew that he was behind in fitness etc etc… but the talent was there. From all reports his VFL was above average and kept building as the season progressed.

In a major positive we have such a strong team right now that there simply isn’t a place or NEED for a young guy to ‘learn on the job’!! I believe Francis would have probably gotten a few more games if he was playing 2005-2014 teams… but the club is content to let him develop in the VFL.

I wouldn’t even say next season is make or break. I always think it is years 4-6 that determine if they are going to make it.


I thought the average afl career was about 3 years in length.

How does holding onto players for 4-6 work?

That being said I’m not suggesting francis should be going anywhere. Hope he not only makes it, but is a top footballer.