#10 Aaron Francis - back at training


Can’t wait till he hooks up the opposition’s balls to a car battery.


My understanding is the Crows were pretty keen but a few other deals took their time and held up any late bid. Can only believe this recruiter but he reckons the Crows had him valued in the 10-20 mark but after speaking to us they realised we wouldn’t blink unless it was a top 10


Word from some on the forum in the know seemed to think that Schache was very much in our sights.

Seems that the 3 way swap was vetoed with Crows just choosing to take Bris upgraded offer of pick 12. Had Brisbane held firm on the pick 18 offer then it may well have happened.

In any case looks like Francis may have got stung into action now so hopefully we will see the best of him at EFC over his career.

I still can’t see him breaking past Gleeson or Ambrose on finally having ONE more focused preseason but he should still get 5-10games all going well and that will be good enough for 2018.


And mine!


I keep reading the thread title and seeing Aaron Francis - The Wet Lettuce.


I think if he reaches his potential it’s a matter of time until he passes Gleeson and Ambrose. That’s a big if though. He could also come in for Baguley.


On football potential more talented that most of our list but that’s irrelevant if fitness not elite also. Got a huge task to narrow gap on Ambrose in that regard.

You can’t actually be serious about a 195cm kpp taking Baguley’s back pocket can you?


Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking of the big red machine! It’s 2017 and he’s still main eventing Raw.


Yes 100% (he’s listed at 193 BTW). Why not? He’s not slower which is typically the knock on the bigger guys when compared to smaller. Baguley is not quick or agile. He tackles well and intercepts well. All things Francis will be able to do better if he develops.
It’s planned to play 192 cm Stringer in the middle and Langford and Laverde are both over 190cm.


Imagine if you were Eddie Betts’ dry cleaner and you saw the big red menace lining up alongside him. Would only keep up for the first half of the first quarter but geez there’d be some mess to clean up.


Largely agree, but it has nothing to do with any “Penny Droppin”.

He was always going to take 2 years. If you care to look. I said this 2 years ago when he was drafted, ,… and many many times since.


I wish you let the club know. Sounds like their patience was being tested.


Yeah, I don’t believe we ever really wanted him gone,… just offered him the opportunity to do so (go home), to give him the chance to commit. A solid and oft used psychologically strategic move to shift him to a positive head space/track. I’m also sure they knew that lump of a body would take the 2 years to get ready.

He’s always been a virtual Jobe clone physically, and, it seems will be fit & firing a year ( 2?) earlier,… which you would kind of expect with the modern football/fitness depts today.


I rate him highly so I’m glad he’s still at our club.


Brownlows = 0
Colemans = 0
Norm Smiths = 0
Premiership Medals = 0
Anzac Day Medals = 0
Olympic Medals = 0
Commonwealth Games Medals = 0
World Cups = 0
Golden Boot = 0

Seriously, WTF is he still on our list?


Both look haggard these days, probably not for the same reason.


Another day on Blitz, a non stop parade of clueless morons.


Never gonna ‘mount to nothin’?


Not very nice bobby


But remarkably accurate.