#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Stringer doesn’t play tall at all. Granted he isn’t a defensive pressure specialist, but the best sides set trends rather than follow them. I’m not convinced the Richmond model of having several defensive specialists in the front half is something we should be looking to emulate. The marking forward line of Adelaide and GWS are more likely to yield Premiership fruit next year in my opinion.

Regardless, what happens in the middle is more likely determine the fortunes of any given team. Don’t get that right, and it won’t matter how potent our forward line is. I’m hoping that’s where Stringer is most influential for us.


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McKenna will never play “behind” Saad…they will play on opposing half bank flanks to fulfil the slingshot game plan Woosha is clearly developing. Hurley cleaning up along the same Half Back line and feed the ball out to the two speedsters. Gleeson and Baguely will pick up the mid sized forwards in holding and intercept roles. Therefore it will be a mini comp between Hartley, Brown, Ambrose and possible Francis for the other key forward. More than 2 tall defenders is probably on a case by case basis but in all likelihood we will see less of the tall power forwards and more of the small crumbing types who can apply forward defensive pressure


Attacking from the backline is all very well, but the first thing a defender has to do is defend. I.e., stop his opponent getting the ball, and stop him doing anything with it if he gets it. The ball only comes into the backline because the opposition has brought it in, and it’s usually directed towards an opposition player, not one of ours. All our defenders need to be able to shut down their opponents, not just one or two of them. The attack comes if and when our player has beaten his opponent for the ball, or dispossessed him of it.


Thats because they take the hard kicks the risky kicks that others cant make. The amount of times they turn it over is insignificant compared to the amount of time there kicks break the game open.


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This exactly this. Just because team x win the flag doesn’t mean we scrap what we have been trying to build and follow like sheep.


Yeah, exactly.

They come under criticism at times but I want them to keep going for those kicks.

It’s beating the zones that open the game up. Francis has a similar leg on him.


Have to agree with pretty much all of that. Whoever said that he should play fwd until he builds he tank is way of the mark. He needs to have the fitness before he plays anywhere. One week link in the chain these days and you will get scored against. Plus the bigger guys need to create fwd pressure too. Plus the days of staying at home are over. You need to be on your bike up and back trying to loose your op to create opportunity’s.

As for the Gleeson I agree he is on the light side for a 3rd tall defender against some teams. On others he is pretty darn good. Francis would most defiantly be more of a physical presences in this role. I see it that ambro or harts take the best defender, then Francis and Hurley take the next 2 dependent on match-ups. Perhaps Gleeson/Bags, Saad and McKenna take the remaining spots.

Our backline is geared more to attack then it has been in the Hird/bomber era. When our mids are able to put pressure on up the ground it works well. But when they don’t we often get opened up pretty easily.

Hopefully with the speed we have added to the midfield we are able to put on more pressure on, allowing this setup to work better.


Exactly they are our play makers, and if they don’t take the kicks we wont score nearly as often. Hurley also plays in a way that leaves him a little venerable in defense at times, and has admitted that he is instructed to play this way. As I said in a previous post our defense is geared toward attack, more then it has been in the past. But if we are putting pressure on further up the ground it works pretty well. Francis hopefully will be another big body down back then can assist Hurley as the 3rd man up like Gleeson currently trys to do. His bigger frame hopefully crashes the pack making it much harder for fwds to mark it.


I agree the added speed should assist. Saad is probably going to be the value trade out of the three guys we got.

Having so much depth all over the ground is going to give Woosha plenty of options in regards to how we set up next year. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one or guys that we think are intrenched in the side are left out to accommodate the adjusted tactics for next year.

Competition for spots is going to be hot next year.


Some people didn’t think McGrath was in the 22 before round 1 this year.
Just as silly a conversation. Francis has a ton of potential. Of course people want him in the side.


Because he offers less defensively than probably any forward we have on the list. And he’s got quite a poor tank on exposed form.

Hugely talented. But I’m not sure he offers the defensive work rate of even Green, and certainly not Tippa/Fanta.


I think francis will allow Hurley to continue to be attacking. Somebody who can cover by reading the play and intercept when Hurley goes off attacking will provide a level of insurance. Having two intercept (albeit different) in Gleeson and Francis playing in the same backline will ensure our key backs don’t get as exposed as they did this year.


Francis had 10 intercept marks a couple times in the vfl in a game this year.

Most elite AFL backmen can ave 9.

So back it is for this KID.



So in the context of my original statement.

You are saying playing hooker, Daniher and Stewart with the addition of stringer won’t work because stringer is not defensively minded enough?

I’ll cop that observation even if not agreeing entirely

But the actual discussion point was I didn’t think it was too tall…I still don’t


That kind of structure has been proven to work at the Crows effectively but relies on a dominant midfield/HBF & very few teams run similar.

Tex, Jenkins, McGovern & Lynch


Hooker, Daniher, Stewart & Stringer

I can’t see it happening myself. We need the 3 smalls around the 3 talls. Stringer playing midfield & goes fwd when one of talls benched/ in ruck.


I agree with you L2L.

It’s not too tall at all. When you have two 200cm players with the athleticsm of Joey and Stewy it almost becomes irrelevant how tall they are, just a pure bonus. They both can play that roaming lead up CHF type role.

I’m hoping that Stringer will be deployed in a 50/50 mid forward role or even 60/40. It’s a moot point as I’m sure one of them will be on the bench at any given time, and even Hooksy may throw himself back each quarter.

I’m a fan of all 4 being forwards, plus the mosquito fleet of Fanta, Tippa, Smith, all rotating through there.

It’s a forward line to be absolutely envious of.


where do these stats come from? In the footy live app, I can’t find a single game where he got more than 8 marks, let alone intercepts.
You sure you’re not mistaking him with Ridley who had more than 10 marks on at least 4 occasions?


It was on the NAB AFL Trade podcast with a guy from Champion Data. I posted it in another thread.

I will try find it again.

Has some interesting comments on Smith and Stringer also.