#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


For anybody that missed this podcast from Trade Radio it has an interview with Daniel Hoyne from Champion Data.

Devon Smith ~ 9:50

Aaron Francis ~ 15:40

Jake Stringer ~18:00


Intercept possessions, not intercept marks according to Killer Mike’s link to Trade Radio.


Champion data dude on trade radio.

Killer Mike has a link to it.


I personally want him to take Hartley’s spot.

3 key backs of Ambrose, Hurley and Francis


A few points that i’ve heard from various podcasts and interviews over the past week.

  • Aaron has hired a personal trainer to continue building his fitness before pre-season starts
  • Aaron has identified a few lifestyle changes that he needs to make next year, including living arrangements. (not sure what he is changing too)
  • Aaron is going to do everything he can to be the best footballer he can be


The living arrangements bit might be that he was bringing a brother over to live with him, and nag him etc.


Hartley and Brown then become some decent depth, to cover injuries.


Get him to move in with Worsfold!


Anyone else think it’s bizarre that he has to hire his own PT!??!


No. Heaps do.

It is good he is taking it upon himself.


soccer, nfl, nba, mlb, basically every big sport in the world the players have their own medical team. and get 2nd and 3rd opinions on everything. the clubs basically there for the team aspect of the game.


Whats a realistic minimum target next year that re-ignites his passion to be an Essendon player long term? A stepping stone that makes him want to continue working hard but also sees that this big pre-season he is having is worth it? 10 games?

In my opinion any less than that and I reckon he will be asking for a trade again this time next year.


Twelve games, even if he takes a few rounds to get up and about. More would be full lid off mode, he isn’t there yet.


It’s gonna take a couple of injuries for him to get near my starting 22.


For mine it’s not the number of games, but what he shows in those games.

I want him to show he belongs in a few games next year. Wether that’s a 6 game block or the whole season. It would be great if he gets a rising star nomination, just to really show he can make it AFL level. I assume he’s probably got self doubt atm, a few breakthrough games to get that monkey off the back will work a treat.


I’d like to see him really start putting it all together. A clearer definition of his talents moulded into the type of player he’s going to become rather than the flashes I’ve seen at VFL level. That is in part to do with how the club manages him. Something more solid and a run of a few games would be pleasing to see and I’m fairly confident we will see that.


Simple for me.

Earn a senior spot, and still be playing well in the 3rd and 4th qtr.


If he can find a spot in our best 22 I’d be hopeful he’d want to stay. Grew up barracking for us I think.


GET AROUND THE BIG RED FELLA. Going to be a beast in pre season.

Break out year in 2018.

Lock it in.


No, different people train and get motivated in different ways.
He may just feel he needs a kickalong prior to pre season proper. Maybe it needs to be ongoing.

Glad to hear he’s thinking about what he needs to do differently.