#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Transformed it into a glorious mane.


Is he really a “former number 6 pick”?

Which pick was he taken with more recently?


I take it as they have graduated from being draft picks. They are now AFL players.

Like… former childhood actor star McCauley Culkin. He’s not a childhood actor star now.

Hmm… weird analogy - but doya get me?




2 articles in the one day about how he’s going well. almost as if they are trying to smooth over some mistreatment about his motives and actively wanting to leave.
but nah, ■■■■ the red headed ■■■■ right, he wanted out so ■■■■ him off right ??


■■■■ I love this time of year!


Both SA clubs weren’t intrested

Hopefully it’s the kick up the bum he needed.


The Menace is afoot …


Not true at all.
Both were interested, both wanted to offer up nothing for him though and lastly he never really wanted to go.


parish sounded bullish about francis in his interview.


but but but but he requested a trade. It was our obligation to give him away for nothing as he was home sick, he needed to move back to a city he lived in for 12 months, a city his family doesnt live in.


The Red Menace is unleashed.


Did he request a trade ? Reckon it was the other way around ! The club offered Francis for trade.


It seems that the club told Francis that if an opportunity comes up to move him to Adelaide, we might take it… thats if we couldn’t get Stringer, Smith & Saad with pick 11 & 35.

His manager then comes out and says “Aaron wants a trade to Adelaide but he’d be just as happy to stay as well”.


my boner from his game saving mark still hasn’t gone down




This is hype, inflating again.

All it took was one training session.


Don’t worry. One injury or not playing seniors by round 2 and the knives will come back out.



When you see him here as compared to yesterdays pics…he looks so much fitter.



Yep, hopefully the penny has finally dropped.

20 years old is still very young so he has time still to forge a great career.

He’s one of a few on our list that still have lots of improvement in them.