#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Sounds encouraging at this early stage. I’m a on the fence type when it comes to lid on/lid off with Francis. I will only really get excited once I see it being put together - although we have seen possibilities that this can happen.

Wonder why the two SA clubs wern’t interested? Did Essendon want at least a late first rounder or no deal? Can’t imagine Essendon would have been demanding top 10. In any case, I think it is much better to see what we can make of him vs some second round pick in a weak draft. Hopefully we see strong effort throughout the preseason.


If it wasn’t for the colour of his red hair, or his pasty white skin tone… the kid would be barely recognisable.

Significant body change. Good on him.


The next step for him is to be able to train the full preseason without injury. He next stage of development in reducing weight and rocking up with a higher fitness base will go a long way to helping that.

He gets a full preseason, he will explode into the AFL.


So I guess you wont be needing a referral to Dr Christopher Love.


2 articles in a day about him. Clearly trying to build his confidence


that was as obvious as dogs balls from the outset. well orchestrated media blitz to pump up a very fragile a kid.


Well if they weren’t prepared to offer anything for him, i’d query whether they were really ‘interested’ at all - everyone’s always ‘interested’ if it involves getting something for nothing.


You can’t be upset at Port and Adelaide simply asking that age-old blitz question… is it free???


What’s that thing coming out from behind his back, over his left shoulder? It looks like a third hand with a boxing glove on it? Secret weapon? Is he an alien hybrid?


I believe it is Hooker’s credibility and reputation.


In hat form.


Will play 18+ games this year on his way to the Rising Star.


Full Frang. Hype train has gone from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. I expect many forward or back arguments between now and when he probably doesn’t get selected in round 1.


If he can get through this pre-season without getting injured, it will be the first proper full pre-season he has had since been at the club. If he can manage this, I am most certainly on the Hype train.




And importantly, whether he can avoid eating too much turkey and plum pudding over the Christmas break which has been his problem in the past.


I reckon this will be a year where no first year player wins the rising star.


They were only interested in getting him for a bargain basement price, which everyone knew was never going to happen, thus one could say they were never really interested.


I reckon more than half our list has improvement left in them.


So do I.

Even the older guys will be better for the run this year.