#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


But true


His honesty is refreshing.


good call by you ™


Yep no doubt. My point was purely hypothetical. That is that if Francis develops, who he could replace. Given Baguley is not aerobically gifted and Francis is fairly versatile, I think there is some flexibility as to where he could end up *assuming * he develops.


I reckon he is quick and he is agile.


A lot has been said about Baguley losing his pace like the rest of the backline they were getting exposed week on week with little cover.

He also had significant knee surgery midway through 2016 and I suspect took time to get confidence back in it.

All things considered I thought he had a good year.


And plays week in, week out on some of the quickest and most agile players in the league.


Not me. I think he looked horrible early but had a good 2017.
However I don’t think he’s either quick or agile. Either way though, is he better than Francis in those factors? Maybe but Baguley is very much on the downslope and Francis the up.


This is a laughable discussion.
Francis is more likely to play ruck than he is to play Baguley’s role.


I rate Francis very high. One thing that’s pretty obvious when watching Francis is how athletic he is but also what a natural footballer he is.

The role that both McGrath and Baguley play require concentration and will power. That skill set is not something that comes easy to players.

I really rate Francis but I’m not yet convinced that tight checking a player is his strength.


Just so it’s understood, I have in no way suggested Francis should replace Baguley. What I have suggested is that if Francis improves and starts to realise his potential, there are a number of players he could replace. Given Baguley is limited aerobically, he’s in that group.


100% agree. Francis needs to improve to take Baguley position. I’ve tried to make more obvious my comments - that is that if Francis improves there are a number of players he could replace. If not, it’s a mute point.


But he would never be playing Baguley’s role.
He might come into the side for Baguley and players shuffle around (eg. Gleeson playing on someone smaller), but that is about it


Fair enough.

I’m not convinced Francis will ever play on those small nippy players.

Considering his strengths I think that’s a good thing. He has ability to be doing far greater things.


and it’s also true of any player looking to break into the team


Inside mid.


So what’s special about Baguley’s role that physically Francis can’t do? To highlight again, I’m not suggesting Francis comes in for Baguley. Francis has a long way to go. What I said was that Francis could take Baguley spot if Francis improves and given Baguley doesn’t add much aerobically.


the role itself? nothing.

if francis had a third of baguleys desperation he’d be on the senior list already.


Yeah but would you put Baguley on a small nippy player? I would not unless I had nobody better.


He’s on the senior list. Doh!